Since tomorrow is St. Patty’s Day I thought I would share a little bit of green with all of you.  So here you go… just a few pretty green things that I found along the web.

Pictured Above: Flowers and Moss Menu from Poppies and Posies, Cactus Flowers from Decor8, and the green drawers I forgot to re-pin on pinterest….sorry.

Green Paper and Butterflies from decor8 and white flowers

Enjoy and Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Many of you don’t know but Savannah was my home for 4 ½ years.  It’s just a lovely city filled with history, beauty, and art.  Actually that is why I called Savannah home for those 4 ½ years because I headed there for art school at Savannah College of Art and Design.  Savannah will always hold a special place in my heart, and that is why I had to share with you a beautiful line called Savannah Plush (and yes they are in Savannah).  Savannah Plush is designed to celebrate and share the uniqueness of the community in which we live. They celebrate the creative talents of carefully hand selected local artisans. Even their name was carefully considered and selected. “Savannah” for the exquisite physical location they call home and “Plush” to describe those special little touches that they all love to add when feathering their nests.  Here is a look at a few of their products…..


They are currently building their site and plan to launch a catalog on the site soon.  Just had to share as the product seemed so fresh and beautiful….and they happen to be in a city I love very much.

Happy Tuesday!  I have a few ideas for some fun and festive gift wrapping to make all of your holiday packages look extra special. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? We made great progress this weekend and are almost done, finally! I just started my wrapping, hence the late post on DIY Gift Wrap.  Sorry, but if you need some last minute gift wrapping ideas I hope these help.  Most of the gifts took just a few materials and believe it or not some of these items happen to be in my “Christmas wrap” box.  You know the one where everything is thrown in and every year it’s like a treasure box because you find something new.  I swear some of the things in my box this year weren’t in there last year.  Ha!  Gotta love that!  So here we have it some last minute gift wrap ideas for you….have fun!

Felt Flower Gift Wrap


Kraft Gift Wrap Paper (found mine at Target)

Reversible ribbon (mine was from Crate and Barrel)

Felt Flowers

Package Tag of choice (I found the sparkle gift tag from Target)

Double Sided Tape


Step 1: Wrap gift in the Kraft paper.

Step 2: In one direction wrap reversible ribbon in one color.  As seen above using the green ribbon.  Adhere the ribbon to the package using the double sided tape.

Step 3: In the opposite direction place the reversed color around the package, as shown above with the red ribbon.  Adhere the ribbon to the package using the double sided tape.

Step 4: Tie Christmas tag onto package

Step 5: Place felt flowers in the crossing point of the two ribbons, as seen above.

Dot Garland Gift Wrap


Kraft Gift Wrap Paper

1 ½” circle punch

Bakers Twine (I used a Martha Stewart twine from Michael’s)

Cardstock Paper in colors of choice

Hole Punch

Gift Tag of choice

Double Sided Tape


Craft Glue

Step 1: Wrap gift in Kraft paper.

Step 2: Punch circles out of the color cardstock with 1 ½” punch.  Cut as many or as little as you may need for your gift.  I used 5 on my package.  Once circles are punched, use a small hole punch and punch two holes towards the sides of circle so you can then place on twine.  Be sure to keep the small circles you punch out (you’ll also be using these)

Step 3:  Cut a large piece of twine out, enough to wrap your package.  Now weave the circles onto the twine.

Step 4: Place the twine with circles onto the package wrapping it around the package.  If you have extra twine continue to weave it through the holes for added hold.  Tie the twine in the back of the package to secure it.

Step 5:  Using the small circles from the hole punch that you saved earlier glue those onto the package with craft glue.

Step 6: Tie Gift Tag onto package

Snowflake Gift Wrap


Kraft Gift Wrap Paper

Red ribbon (I used ½” size ribbon from Michael’s)

White Felt Snowflakes (I made these a few years ago…sorry no DIY here but I’ve seen several different felt ornaments out there that you could use instead)

Gift Tag (I used some from Martha Stewart)

Double sided tape


Step 1: Wrap gift with Kraft wrapping paper

Step 2: Cut a large piece of ribbon out, enough to wrap your package.  Then weave the snowflake (or other felt ornament) onto ribbon. 

Step 3: Wrap ribbon around package so the ends are wrapped around to the back of the package.  Adhere the ribbon with tape to the package.

Step 4: Tie the gift tag onto package. 

Steps on another Snowflake Gift Wrap

Step 1: Wrap gift in Kraft wrapping paper

Step 2: Cut even piece of ribbon and bakers twine out, enough to wrap your package.  Layer the two together and then weave the snowflake (or other felt ornament) onto ribbon/bakers twine.

Step 3: Wrap ribbon around package so the ends are wrapped around to the back of the package.  Adhere the ribbon with tape to the package.

Step 4: Place foam glitter snowflake stickers onto package, I found mine at Michael’s.

Step 5: Tie the gift tag onto package.

So there you have it! I hope these ideas help inspire you in your holiday gift wrapping. It only takes a teensy bit of thought to make a gift absolutely wonderful, enjoy!

I have been a little obsessed lately with the yarn holiday wreaths I’ve been spotting over on Pinterest.  So I decided I would try to tackle my very own to place on our front door for the holiday season.  Since I have a covered front door it works perfectly too.  I had two little helpers while making the wreath so it made for a fun little project for all of us.  They helped with the wrapping of the yarn around the wreath which honestly took the longest and if I made another wreath in the near future I would go with a thicker yarn.  So note to you, go with a thicker yarn which will allow you to wrap the wreath a little faster.  I have some other ideas for another wreath so if I get around it I’ll be hoping to work on that soon.  But for now here is how to make this yarn wreath with felt flowers.


Here is what you’ll need:

Styrofoam Wreath (try one with rounded edges, all I could find was the one here)

Ivory or Off-White Yarn (or color of choice)

Felt (in colors of choice)

Martha Stewart Eyelash garland (found at my local Michael’s Craft Store)

Fabric glue

 First, you will start the wreath by wrapping and wrapping the yarn around the Styrofoam.  As I mentioned above, I recommend buying a thicker yarn so you won’t be wrapping for days like I was.  Lesson learned on my part.  Luckily, I had two little helpers that were eager to help in the wrapping of the yarn.  The good thing is you can just watch a movie and wrap away.  Once the yarn is wrapped and covering the wreath you can then use the red eyelash garland from Martha Stewart to wrap around the wreath to make the wreath almost look like a peppermint.


For the flowers, I used a couple different flowers using the felt.  I did a little digging and found a couple tutorials to help in creating the flowers.  Of course, the rose was the only one I really took pictures.


First you want to cut a circle out of the felt but make the edges a little rounded or flower like.  Once you have the circle cut out, you want to cut to cut into the circle and keep cutting around the circle towards the middle.  If you continue with the wave cutting pattern as you did on the exterior of the circle this will make for great rose petals.  You’ll be almost cutting a swirl inside the circle until you have a long strip of felt.  You’ll then start from the middle end of the strip (the center of the circle you just cut) and start wrapping/forming into your rose.

 For the other flowers check out this tutorial from A Pumpkin and a Princess.  I used both versions of flowers in the wreath, but preferred one over the other.  For the poinsettia flower I just free formed and cut out in the felt.  Sorry, no direction for this one.

Once you have all your flowers prepped and ready you can start applying them to the wreath using the fabric glue.  And there you have your yarn Christmas wreath for outside or inside depending on if your front porch is covered or not.

Have fun!  And if you are looking for another holiday wreath here is a indoor wreath I made last year using popcorn.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner….are you ready?  I would like to think that I am ready, but in reality I’m so not.  To get inspired here are some festive Thanksgiving table settings for your upcoming Turkey Day.

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Serveware, Turkey Table, Pumpkin Flowers, Thankful Turkey

Fall Leaves Centerpiece and Maple Leaf Setting

More Thanksgiving inspirations to come soon.  Next Thanksgiving decorating!  And you can always jump over to the food page to see some Thanksgiving inspired recipes.

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