Wow! That’s all I can say about this kitchen.  I’m not sure I could go aqua on my kitchen cabinets (I’m more of a white cabinet girl) but it doesn’t mean that I can’t be amazed by the beauty of this kitchen.  I think the thing I’m drooling most over is the kitchen appliances.  I would be in heaven with just about any of the appliances in the kitchen…..and if I had to pick one I would be happy with the most….I’m not sure I could choose.  One of each please!

The owner of this drop dead gorgeous kitchen (who is currently taking professional chef’s classes…my dream!) worked with Canadian architect and designer Dee Dee Taylor Eustace to renovate her 380 sq ft kitchen and breakfast room. The blue-green quartzite stone on the countertops and used as inlays on the fabulous limestone floor inspired the room’s color palette. The color of the cabinets were custom mixed to match a favorite candle of the owner’s. Sooo pretty! Everything is so functional and efficient here, a chef’s dream come true!

You can learn all about the space and see more great photos by Andreas Trautmansdorff over at Traditional Home!

I love fashion, but I especially love fashion illustration.  Something about seeing it on paper before it’s actually sewn up into a garment.  I studied fashion design in college and one of my favorite fashion classes was actually fashion illustration.  I always enjoyed when a project was due and seeing the variety and the talent of each of my classmates.  Everyone had a different style which was fabulous!  I recently found that Tibi New York has a blog and it’s there that I found these fabulous illustrations by Tibi’s designer and founder Amy Smilovic.  And I instantly fell in love….

From the Stationery illustrations to the Spring Runway illustrations

And my very favorite of the illustrations the Holiday Bling and Georgia

My heart stopped when I saw these illustrations and it made me want to run to my closet and pull out my paper and drawing pens and start sketching again.  Thanks Amy for your super chic ladies dressed in fabulous attire!  I love each and every one of them and wish I could wear each of their outfits.

It’s a new year, 2011 is here.  Which means it’s time to pull those 2010 calendars off your walls and put a new 2011 calendar in it’s place.  I was recently scanning the pages of etsy, amazing how much time you can spend on there, and found these amazing photo calendars.  Had to share….enjoy!!

Pictured above: Year of Dreams Photo Calendar

Soft Whispers Photo Calendar

And because I love a surfer and have always dreamed of one day learning… Surfer Photo Calendar

And probably my favorite, 2011 Paris Calendar

Happy 2011 everyone!!

I’m in love with the personalized paper goods from Gadabout.  Their designs incorporate fashion, bohemian motifs, interiors, and subtly sweet monograms….a paper paradise.  The fashion notecards happen to be my very favorite.  They take me back to my days in college when I studied fashion design.

Check out all Gadabout’s designs here.  You can also see some of her amazing artwork in the pages of Southern Florish magazine, a great online magazine.  I hope you enjoy looking at these amazing notecards as much as I did.

We are very lucky enough to live a mile from the beach and I’m so thankful we do.  We are all beach people in my house, including Parker our golden retriever.  We enjoy our weekends because usually one morning out of the weekend we spend up at the beach.  There is nothing like sand in between your toes, the sound of the waves crashing on shore, and the fresh salty air.  Everything about the beach calms me and inspires me.  I’m also inspired by the crisp, fresh, and simplicity of the white’s and blue’s that surround you at the beach.  And often when I think of white and blue’s, I think of all things coastal and beach like.  Which pretty much sums up what my dream beach house would be.  I’m constantly daydreaming about this beach house….like where it would be, what it would look like, and even what the rooms would look like.  Of course, Coastal Living is usually where my brain escapes to fulfill some of those dreams.  There are many times were I cut pages out and tuck them away just in case that dream beach house ever becomes a reality.

I was able to find some of the blue and white rooms from Coastal Living that I have fallen in love with over time.  They all have the crisp white and sea blue featured somewhere within them.  In ways, I wish I could just step foot into one of these pictures only for a brief period to escape from my often chaotic life and just relax.  Oh!  You see, you caught me…daydreaming!

But really who wouldn’t want to have a nice dinner in an outdoor dining room like the one shown above?  Or sit on the couch and just glimpse out the windows to see blue ocean staring back at you.  Or the door that opens half way to let that fresh salty air come in.  And one of my favorites the white classic kitchen.  Wonderful, relaxing and everything that would be a must in that dream beach kitchen of mine. 

Thanks for letting me share a piece of what I often daydream about…a beach house.  A comfortable and relaxing place that friends and family can come and visit and have a great time.  I’ll keep dreaming and cutting out those pictures and maybe one day I might get lucky.  Finger crossed!  I hope these pictures make you smile as much as they do for me.

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