Pretty Fall Picnic


Is the weather getting cooler where you live?  What about having a fall picnic?  If you didn’t think of one yet then these photo’s will make you dream of having a fall picnic of your own very soon.  I always think of picnic’s as a summer time thing but seeing these photo’s it makes me dream of having my own fall picnic.  These photos are by Pobke Photography and are from a real family photo shoot for a client. Styled by White Room Events, it is dreamy and inviting, and makes me wish I were there.  Of course, on a cool fall day.  Now you take a look, I promise you’ll be thinking of a fall picnic of you own soon.

Ok, so what are you thinking…picnic? 

Either way, enjoy and I hope these photo’s made you think warm and fuzzy thoughts like I did when I saw them.

Happy Fall Picnicking!

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