{DIY} Indoor Halloween Wreath


Halloween is among us and it’s one of my favorite times to decorate!  The girls and I have been busy doing Halloween crafts and decorating their room and shhhh….don’t tell anyone but we actually started before October 1stin the decorating.  Last week I had one day off before I headed off for my mini-vacation with my mom for my birthday and I thought I would surprise the girls when they got home from school with their door being decorated.  I headed to Michael’s craft store and picked up a few things in order to make a indoor wreath.  I say indoor because this wreath isn’t the most weather resistant.  If you are looking for a outdoor DIY Halloween Wreath check out the one I posted about last year.  Both are easy and fun to make.  This wreath didn’t take much time to make and you only need a few materials. 

Here is what you’ll need to get started:

Styrofoam Wreath

Black Ribbon (or ribbon color of choice)

4 – 6 ft Feather Boa’s (color of choice)

4 large spiders of color choice (I found mine at Michael’s Craft Store)

Hot Glue Gun 

And here is how to put this indoor (and easy) wreath together:

Step 1: Place black ribbon around the top of the wreath and wrap around once.  Using glue gun, glue ribbon onto wreath.  The ribbon will allow the wreath to hang on a door.  For extra support, you can also pin the ribbon into the wreath.

Step 2: Take one of your feather boas and hot glue one end to the wreath.  Once dried you can start wrapping the boa around the wreath making sure to cover the Styrofoam.  Hot glue the other end and continue doing the same thing with the other boas until wreath is completely covered.

Step 3: Now to have fun and apply the spiders!  Figure out how you would like to place the spiders around the wreath.  I used big spiders, but you could also use smaller spiders.  Using the hot glue gun, glue back of spider as well as the spot you would like to place the spider on the wreath.  It’s best if you push some of the feathers aside in order to glue the spider onto the Styrofoam. 

Step 4: Allow everything to dry in place before hanging.  Hang ribbon over door with wreath showing on the side you want visable.  Using a small nail tack the ribbon at the top of the door to anchor the wreath and hold in place.

And here is what the finished product looked like on the girls door.  They were very surprised and very happy when they came home last week to see this on their bedroom door.  To hang it I just took a small nail and tacked the ribbon down at the top of the door.  And presto!  A indoor Halloween wreath!  Quick, Easy, and a whole lot of fun!

Note: In addition to the wreath I taped on the door spiders made out of black card stock.

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