Tibi’s Amy Sketches


I love fashion, but I especially love fashion illustration.  Something about seeing it on paper before it’s actually sewn up into a garment.  I studied fashion design in college and one of my favorite fashion classes was actually fashion illustration.  I always enjoyed when a project was due and seeing the variety and the talent of each of my classmates.  Everyone had a different style which was fabulous!  I recently found that Tibi New York has a blog and it’s there that I found these fabulous illustrations by Tibi’s designer and founder Amy Smilovic.  And I instantly fell in love….

From the Stationery illustrations to the Spring Runway illustrations

And my very favorite of the illustrations the Holiday Bling and Georgia

My heart stopped when I saw these illustrations and it made me want to run to my closet and pull out my paper and drawing pens and start sketching again.  Thanks Amy for your super chic ladies dressed in fabulous attire!  I love each and every one of them and wish I could wear each of their outfits.

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