DIY: Halloween Mask


You’ve dressed the little ones and have gotten the shoes, the costume, and the accessories but what about you?  Here is a quick and easy Halloween Mask that you can easily make and you suddenly are transformed.  It’s also an easy way to get in the spirit as you walk around the neighborhood with the kids.  It’s really easy to make but it will look like you spent forever making it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-  Black mask – you can find these at Michael’s

-  Butterflies – found in the floral section at Michael’s and they come in different colors and sizes.

-  Feathers – I found this at Michael’s too in the section where they have the mask

-  Orange Stick-on Rhinestones – I found these at Target in the Craft section

-  Glue Gun

- Black Duck Tape (or any color you have)

- Scissors


1.)    Start off with the black mask and take the butterflies and arrange and use the small pieces of the duck tape to apply and stick them down to the back of the mask.  I used about 4 of the butterflies for the mask.  The butterflies I purchased were on long wires.  I just cut those down with scissors to different lengths to make them work for the mask.  I’ll share what I used the rest of the butterflies for tomorrow. 

2.)    Once the butterflies are arranged take the feathers and arrange to one side around the eye and glue down using the hot glue gun.  Let Dry.

3.)    Then take the rhinestones and position around the eyes.  I used about 11 rhinestones for each eye. 

4.)    You now have a very fun and festive mask for Halloween.  All you need now is a pair of butterfly wings.

Happy Halloween everyone!  I’ll share a picture soon of my complete assemble for Halloween which includes this mask.

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3 Responses to “DIY: Halloween Mask”
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    Maria says:

    I love this mask. Simple and Fun! Happy Halloween!

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