I thought I would feature a few posts I’ve done in the past and a few I’ve found out in internet world of holiday craft and projects you can do with the kids.  Some these projects your kids can do on their own while you finish those last minute holiday chores.  A big plus in my book as I try to finish up my own last minute Christmas chores.  Too much to do and too little time!

Now let the fun begin!

Holiday Kid Craft Ideas

Christmas Puppets

Gingerbread Houses

Winter Wonderland Snowglobe Ornament

Candy Cane Reindeers

Waterless Snowglobes – Tidy Mom

Have fun and Happy Holidays!!

 The girls and I have been busy making these super fun reindeer candy canes for their friends at school.  They are really easy to make and a whole lot of fun for the little ones to help…and even more fun for them to hand out to their friends. 

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Candy Canes

Brown yarn (try to pick a thicker yarn)

Wiggle Eyes

Small Pom Pom’s – red or black

Ribbon or Twine

Fabric Glue

 Here is how you make these little guys:

Step 1: Take two candy canes and place them so the arc of the candy cane looks like the reindeer antlers.  Tape the candy canes together so they stay in place.

Step 2: Take the yarn and start wrapping it around the candy canes.  In order to make them look more like a reindeer face, wrap the center of the candy cane with more yarn to make it thicker.  See pictures.  Once the candy cane is all wrapped up, place a drop of glue on the back side to stick the end piece of the yarn.

Step 3: Next glue the wiggle eyes onto the top part of the yarn to make the reindeer eyes.

Step 4: Place a red of black pom pom onto the face of the reindeer to make his (or her) nose. 

Step 5: Take the ribbon or twine of choice wrap around the “neck” of the reindeer and tie into a bow.  You could also tie a bell onto the front but I couldn’t find them anywhere at my craft store.

And there you have it, I fun little gift to hand out to your child’s friends at school. Or to use on a dessert table for Christmas.  Have fun!

Little ones are out for the holiday break and why not have some fun as you wait for Santa’s arrival.  It will keep everyone from going crazy and keep everyone smiling.  And even help with those last minute gifts.  Here are a couple ideas to keep the little ones busy while they are out of school these next few days. 

Gumdrop pops a super cute idea that is if you can keep the little ones from eating them.

These Sweet Little Snails would make anyone smile.  Great idea to even add to Santa’s cookie plate.

Do you have a box of buttons in all shapes and colors?  Here are two cute ideas to use them up and make something to enjoy on the Christmas tree for years to come.  Or even give them away as gifts.  Homemade gifts are always that much better.  Button Wreath Ornaments and Christmas Button Ornaments.

Another cute idea that the bigger kids can help with are these adorable chocolate snowman bowls.  Love these!

Have fun these next few days with the little ones with these super fun holiday ideas.

I’m back again with some more Holiday Gift Ideas.  This time we are focusing on ideas for stocking stuffers.  Growing up my favorite thing to open on Christmas morning was all the little things found tucked inside my stocking.  I loved it so much that I saved it for last to open.  Something about all those little things tucked inside a big sock. 

My girls have huge stockings that their grandmother made them right after they were born.  Every year since I look forward to finding little things to tuck inside their stocking.  This year I’m even more excited because they are getting older and they are starting to get what Christmas and gift giving is all about.  Which makes me even more excited for Christmas morning. 

As I was on the hunt for stocking stuffers I came across some of these super fun “stuff” and wanted to share.

For the little girls in your life….

The artist:

Heart Shaped Crayons, Pottery Barn Kids $9.00

Color Me Fairy Puzzle, Pottery Barn Kids $15.20

Eco Dough and Paint, Pottery Barn Kids $24.00

For the animal lover:

The Top Cat, Land of Nod $34.00

3D Animal Puzzle, Pottery Barn Kids $11.20

Alphabeasties Flash Cards, Land of Nod $15.99

For the girly girl:

Cat Bag, Land of Nod $11.95

Princess Magnetic Set, Pottery Barn Kids $24.00

Play Cell Phone, Pottery Barn Kids $12.00

For the little boys in your life….

All about the dinosaurs:

Dino Puzzle, Pottery Barn Kids $11.20

Color Me Dino Puzzle, Pottery Barn Kids $15.20

Stencilsaurus Set, Land of Nod $9.95

the gamer:

Multi-Lingo Bingo, Land of Nod $15.95

Eco Games, Pottery Barn Kids $10 – $12

Dining Table Ping Pong, Resoration Hardware $24.49

the secret agent:

Secret Agent Marker Set, Land of Nod $4.95

Private I Spy Glasses and I Spy Glass, Land of Nod $2.95 – $7.95

Spy Watch, Pottery Barn Kids $19.00

Happy Shopping everyone!

It’s that time of the year….Christmas time!  The time to give and to share.  As I have been busy searching for gifts for the little ones in my life I have come across some adorable finds.  This week I thought I would share some gift ideas I have ran across with all of you out there.  Just in case you are in the search yourself for the perfect gift.

To start the week off, here are some gift ideas for the little baker or chef in your life.  My little ones are always asking to help as I’m cooking or baking.  However, mommies tools are a little too big for their tiny hands so these are on their Christmas list.  With these adorable kid gift sets from Martha Stewart they will have their own sets of bowls and cups to help mommy.  I just love Martha, she thinks of everything!!


For the chef, Martha Stewart Kids Kitchen Tool Set, $19.95 at Macys.com


For the pizza lover, Martha Stewart Kids Pizza Kit, $19.95 at Macys.com


For the little sous chef, Martha Stewart Kids Prep Kit, $19.95 at Macys.com

 Happy Shopping and stay tune to some other fun finds throughout the week for the little ones in your life.

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