Need something to do with the kids on the days leading up to Thanksgiving?  Here is a fun craft that will keep them busy.  Turkey Pine Cones!  Helps clear some of those pine cones in the yard too.  Here in South Florida pine cones are rare to find, but on a wild hunt we were able to find some out and about.  These turkey’s are fun holiday craft for kids and adults and they can not only be used for decorations, but also as place holders, or even favors for guest to take home with them.  Have fun!

Here is what you’ll need:


- Pine Cones

- Felt – Orange

- Wiggle Eyes

- Pipe Cleaners in fall colors (brown, tan, yellow, orange, red, etc.)

- Brown Pom Poms


1.) For each turkey, cut out a yellow beak. Then glue the beak and a pair of googly eyes onto a pom-pom to create the turkey’s head.

2.) Glue the pom-pom head to the tip of a pinecone. Allow the glue to dry.

3.) Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the turkey’s cone body, starting from the top and twisting it together a few times on the underside. Separate the ends of the pipe cleaner (below the twists) and bend each tip into a 3-toed foot.

4.) For the turkey’s tail, individually wrap 3 or 4 pipe cleaners around the back of the pinecone, starting from the underside and twisting them together a few times on the top of the pinecone to secure them. Then loop both ends of each pipe cleaner to shape tail feathers.

You can see a video on Disney’s Family Fun that shows you how to make this fun little turkey too.

This turkey can not only be a fun decoration for Turkey Day, but it can also be a place card holder for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy crafting!  And most of all Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I realized I hadn’t posted any little boy party themes in awhile and when I ran across this amazing party from Scissors.Paper.Cake site I knew I had to share with all you moms out there.  Scissors.Paper.Cake is based in Australia and combines the amazing talents of baker Hello Naomi and Natalie from the Invitation company Imprintables.  The two paired together do amazing things and thier site gives you a glimpse into some of their parties.   

Adorable right?  Well hold on tight because there are more pictures of this amazing party!  Like the cake and the cookies….

And the here is a close up of some of the other sweets featured at this Little Red Care party.  Love the colors!

And then you have to include apples at a kids party, right?  Well they sure do look nice in that red bucket.  And the great party favors packed up in the brown craft boxes.  So cute!

What an amazing party with every detail covers.  The red, white, and blue color theme is especially perfect for this time of the year with 4th of July being right around the corner.

I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at this amazing Little Red Car party as much as I did.  Now go and take a look at the other amazing parties from Scissors.Paper.Cake.

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