To help the little ones get in the mood for Halloween why not the above coloring page from the very talented Style Me Gorgeous?  Too cute, right?  They have free downloads for each holiday but since it’s Halloween the above is perfect.  Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll find the Halloween print.

Thanks Style Me Gorgeous for this amazing coloring page for the little ones!  I can’t wait for my girls to get their crayons out and start coloring.  I may even print out one for myself to color along with them.

Have you decided what your little ones are going to be for Halloween yet?  I have to say I hadn’t given it much thought until I headed to Party City this past weekend to pick up something.  It was there that I ran into crowds of parents and kids searching for the very best costume.  Wow!  It’s not even a week into October and the hunt for a Halloween costume is in full effect.  After coming home from the store I quickly started to think what the girls might be for Halloween.  I even asked them and they stared back at me in wonder…”I don’t know mommy!”  I started to name off characters and they said yes to pretty much each one.  Those two little girls make me laugh.  I have a feeling I’ll have to give this a little more thought, but I better act quick before all the costumes are gone.  Or maybe I’ll get creative and make their costume?  hmmmm…to be continued.

Since I was in the hunt for a costume I thought just maybe others would be too…or maybe I’m the only one that hadn’t thought about it until this weekend?  Either way I thought I would share some super cute costumes I have ran across recently while wondering what the girls would be.

Pictured above are from my favorite lady, Martha Stewart: Three Little Lambs, Black Raven, Flower Petal Girls, Little Glamor Girls

Above photo’s are from Family Fun: Gnome, Boxers, Zebra and Tiger, and Penguin

I’m sure everyone has seen these in your last Pottery Barn Kids catalog but I absolutely adore them!

Pictured above: Cookie Sandwich, Donut, Cupcake, and Ice Cream Cone

Do you know what your little ones are going to be this year?  If so, please share.  I would love to hear!  And I’ll keep you posted on what my little munchkins end up wearing.

I have been in a Halloween mood lately and I knew as soon as I saw this amazing party put together by Kim from TomKat Studio I had to share.  If your not in the mood for Halloween, I hope this party gets you in the mood and who knows….maybe inspire you to throw your very own Halloween party.

Kim’s inspiration came from purple glitter trees and a plaque that she found at one of my favorite stores, Home Goods.  She wanted this Halloween party to be all about glam, glittery, and sophistication.  I think she succeeded, what do you think?

For the table decor, Kim used cake stands, plates, wine glasses, damask boxes and candle holders that she already had on hand. She also ordered the purple and lime tissue paper poms from Pom Love.  A spider web table cloth was used as the backdrop for the table and the pumpkin was found at Hobby Lobby.

The sweet that decorated the party table were specialty oreos made by Kim of Sweeties, which are always a perfect addition to any dessert table! Kim also visited a local candy shop, Sweeties and found tons of options for purple candy for the jars! She also picked up the lollipops, damask cupcake liners and green “eek” cups at my grocery store! Great finds, right? Kim and her mom made the cupcakes, ding dong spiders and truffle pops!

All the amazing and gorgeous photos were taken by Laura Winslow

Kim once again you have created an amazing party!  Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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