I love Etsy!  There are so many amazingly talented individuals out there and this has given everyone the opportunity to get their product out there.  I recently came across the amazing Three Yellow Starfish shop.  They are Dallas, TX based and offer some of the most adorable bloomers, dresses, skirts, and hats that I have seen.  I think what I love about them most is the beautiful fabric designs.  All so fun and just adorable for the babies and toddler girls in your life!

Above are some of the adorable dresses from Three Yellow Starfish.  I couldn’t pick just one that was a favorite so I featured a glimpse of them all.  All the dresses are priced at $40. 

Then there are these super cute ruffle bloomers!  How cute are these!  I love them!  I wish the girls were still itty bitty so they could wear these.  How great would these be for summer time too.  Three Yellow Starfish is having a giveaway on their blog for the blue and orange ruffle bloomers you see above.  You have until the end of June to enter!  So go over and enter for chance to win a pair of these adorable bloomers!  But make sure you go over and see all the cute bloomers she has available for $22-$24.

AND…Three Yellow Starfish was featured on Parents.com with their OH so popular Reversible Pinafore Dress.  Aren’t they just adorable!  You have to go see for yourself all the fabulous stuff at Three Yellow Starfish.

It’s official….it’s Spring!  Yeah!  I’m so happy that the nice weather is on it’s way.  I recently posted Spring Fashion on the mommy section and as I mentioned there I love everything about spring.  The flowers blooming, the birds chirping, the warmer days and cooler nights, and even spring shopping.  It’s a beautiful time of the year and I’m so glad it has arrived.  Since I posted on the mommy section I thought I would also post Spring Fashions for the little ones in our lives.  Of course, I did things for girls, but I promise to post a spring outfit for the boys soon.  Girls are so much easier to shop for since I have the girls.  Ok, so pictured above is:

1. Broderie Shift Dress from Boden USA 2. White Bow Clips from Gymboree 3. Tulip Bracelet from Gymboree 4. White Sandals from Target

Happy Spring and Happy Shopping!

Zutano – a leader in (stylish & modern!) children’s fashions for 20 years – I love them not only because of their super cute designs but for their attention to TWINS!  They have a separate section on their site completely dedicated to twins and the ability to mix and match.  With the growing amount of multiples, and a mom of multiples, I think having this section on their site is wonderful.  If your also a mom of multiples go checkout their section for Twins.  They also have a great section for gift ideas.  Perfect for baby showers to even gifts for the toddlers in your life.

Zutano has also recently launched their new Itzy•Bitzy collection: a premier line of newborn and preemie clothing.  The super-cute Itzy•Bitzy collection features Zutano’s signature bright colors and contemporary prints, and has been meticulously designed to fit brand new babies with sizes in newborn and 0-3 months. (Find full details on the Itzy•Bitzy line here.)

There are soooo many cool patterns, clothing styles, and accessories to choose from in Boys, Girls, and Unisex.

To buy the adorable Zutano children’s fashions check out their retailers.

Wow!  It was really hard to find outfits for boys for Valentine’s.  Having two little girls I take for granite that there is a surplus of girl Valentine’s Day outfits.  It was fun for a change to look for boy clothes though.  BUT it also made me wish I had a little boy. 

Light Loose Fit Jeans, $25.00 from BabyGap

Windbreaker Jacket Red, $19.50 from Children’s Place

Heartbreaker T-Shirt, $12.99 (on sale) from BabyGap 

Red Puma Speeders, $32.95 from Zappos.com

Double Stripe Belt Salsa, $22.50 from JCrew Crewcuts

Happy shopping and Happy Valentines!

Look at these adorable bookends from Zuny!  Wouldn’t these look so cute on a kids bookcase?  There are so many animals in their line.  There is everything from a lion (which is my favorite) to a dinosaur.  Each one is handmade and designed to have enough height and weight to work as bookends, door stoppers or just a little cute creature residing in your house.  Here are a few from their Zuny Classic Series:

They also have their Zuny Classic Series too.

I have to warn you they aren’t easy to find in the US.  Here are some of the websites I was able to find them.

CB2 has “Budy” the Hippo – $39.99

Molla Space has the Boar (Babu), White Lion (Tumo), Sheep (Nell), and Dinosaur (Bobo) – $48.00

Moma Store has the Elephant – $30.00

Generate Design has the Boar (Babu), White Lion (Tumo), Sheep (Nell), and Dinosaur (Bobo) – $49.00, free shipping to orders in the US and Canada.

Again, these cute bookends can be placed anywhere – in the kids’ room, on your desk, bedside table, or anywhere he/she can call home. 
The Zuny series is available in a limited edition of 9999 units.

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