I saw these super cute ABC Wall Art designs featured on Cool Mom Picks today.  Aren’t they fun!?

Boo and You is a brand new children’s wall art website based in Sydney Australia.  The website features personalized and non-personalized prints for boys and girls.  I fell in love with their super cute alphabet prints.  They each have a cute theme created by whimsical images and soft colors.  You can select your own color scheme and each print is hand signed by the artist.  Pretty darn cool, right?

Go check out the other designs from Boo and You

Need something to do with the kids on the days leading up to Thanksgiving?  Here is a fun craft that will keep them busy.  Turkey Pine Cones!  Helps clear some of those pine cones in the yard too.  Here in South Florida pine cones are rare to find, but on a wild hunt we were able to find some out and about.  These turkey’s are fun holiday craft for kids and adults and they can not only be used for decorations, but also as place holders, or even favors for guest to take home with them.  Have fun!

Here is what you’ll need:


- Pine Cones

- Felt – Orange

- Wiggle Eyes

- Pipe Cleaners in fall colors (brown, tan, yellow, orange, red, etc.)

- Brown Pom Poms


1.) For each turkey, cut out a yellow beak. Then glue the beak and a pair of googly eyes onto a pom-pom to create the turkey’s head.

2.) Glue the pom-pom head to the tip of a pinecone. Allow the glue to dry.

3.) Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the turkey’s cone body, starting from the top and twisting it together a few times on the underside. Separate the ends of the pipe cleaner (below the twists) and bend each tip into a 3-toed foot.

4.) For the turkey’s tail, individually wrap 3 or 4 pipe cleaners around the back of the pinecone, starting from the underside and twisting them together a few times on the top of the pinecone to secure them. Then loop both ends of each pipe cleaner to shape tail feathers.

You can see a video on Disney’s Family Fun that shows you how to make this fun little turkey too.

This turkey can not only be a fun decoration for Turkey Day, but it can also be a place card holder for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy crafting!  And most of all Happy Thanksgiving!!!


I have been a bit addicted to Pinerest lately.  Have you been on there?  If you haven’t, you must.  But warning and can be very addicting!  I could spend hours on there.  Anyways, while browsing on there I found this beautiful nursery which was featured on Project Nursery.  I fell in love with it from the colors to the crib to the natural light of the room.  Really beautiful!!  Of course it was too beautiful not to share with all of you too.

The Design Inspiration:

The original inspiration came from the fabric for the curtains. The designer, tenna travis design studio, purchased it for a previous project and never used it. She loved the neutrality and modern pattern. She then found the fabulous oversized green/white floral pattern fabric and had a slipcover made for the rocker. Next, the gorgeous shade of turquoise she used on the vintage crib, found for only $50! 

I adore the graphic print on this chair, beautiful!

And this “closet”!  Love it!  It’s a baby boutique at one end of the bedroom. The designer simply hung a polished nickel curtain rod from the bottom of industrial shelving and poof the closet was born.

Every detail in this nursery is amazing.  Be sure to see all the images and the tips the designer has to creating your own nursery like this at Project Nursery.

I recently ran across a super cute and adorable blog called live the fancy life.  Jessica is behind this super cute blog and she just welcomed a baby boy into her world.  Before the little guy arrived her and her husband (and family) worked very hard to create a nursery with a modern, clean and minimal design with neutral walls and lots of splashes of color throughout. 

The bookshelf is one of my favorite aspects of the nursery and happens to be one of Jessica’s too.  Not only is it filled with 52 books, yes 52, it was built and painted by one of her co-workers!  Some of my favorite books fill the shelves too.  Dr. Seuss! 

They designed the modern nursery with a color palette of grey, lime green, light blue, aqua and white. They wanted a room that was peaceful and serene, but that was still good for a child. They wanted to fill it with inspiration, color and interest but keep it simple and clean at the same time.

Jessica spent several hours putting the lanterns together, finding just the right height, balance and number of lanterns.  It’s another one of my favorite touches she added to her little guys nursery. 

And this little zebra is just too cute!  I love him! 

Jessica has a lot more photo’s of her modern nursery and where she found all the adorable things in this fabulous nursery.  So run over and see.  And Jessica, I hope your little guys loves his nursery now that he has arrived into this world.


Pictured Above

Growing up I always wanted bunk beds.  Something so cool about them…at least I thought they were cool.  Of course my parents didn’t think they were so cool.  I was an only child so I didn’t have a brother or sister to fight the battle with them to get bunk beds either.  But still to this day I think they are so cool.  And so fun!  Especially some of these I found along the web.

Above Picture

You have the traditional bunk beds and you have the not so traditional.  I think of Aladdin when I see these.  What do you think?  Morocco? 

Picture Above

But there there’s nothing wrong about the traditional bunk beds.  Like these…

Pictured Above

And one of my favorite ideas for bunk beds that also function as storage but also is a space saver. Love these!!

Pictured Above

What do you think?  Which is your favorite bunk bed room?

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