Ever walked the aisles of the book store and questioned what are the best children’s books?  I came across this great list of Top 100 Children’s Books of All Time!  The list is filled with some of my childhood favorites along with some of my new favorites that are on the bookcase of my little ones.  It also helped me create a new list of books we need to add to our collection.

If you are curious of what books made the list go check out the Top 100 list.  Have fun!


Welcome to Multiply Delicious’s All About Kids!  This section is devoted to all things involving those little rugrats in your house.  Many of the post will be on things I have found that I think are cool and I want to share.  Some things I have used with my little munchkins and others I run across and have to share right away because they are too cool not to.  If you have little ones in the house I’m hoping this section will be fun and helpful for you.

All About Kids is a new section on my blog so please stay tune as I continue to post.  I love hearing comments so please let me know what you think.

All the Best,


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