Reindeer Candy Canes


 The girls and I have been busy making these super fun reindeer candy canes for their friends at school.  They are really easy to make and a whole lot of fun for the little ones to help…and even more fun for them to hand out to their friends. 

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Candy Canes

Brown yarn (try to pick a thicker yarn)

Wiggle Eyes

Small Pom Pom’s – red or black

Ribbon or Twine

Fabric Glue

 Here is how you make these little guys:

Step 1: Take two candy canes and place them so the arc of the candy cane looks like the reindeer antlers.  Tape the candy canes together so they stay in place.

Step 2: Take the yarn and start wrapping it around the candy canes.  In order to make them look more like a reindeer face, wrap the center of the candy cane with more yarn to make it thicker.  See pictures.  Once the candy cane is all wrapped up, place a drop of glue on the back side to stick the end piece of the yarn.

Step 3: Next glue the wiggle eyes onto the top part of the yarn to make the reindeer eyes.

Step 4: Place a red of black pom pom onto the face of the reindeer to make his (or her) nose. 

Step 5: Take the ribbon or twine of choice wrap around the “neck” of the reindeer and tie into a bow.  You could also tie a bell onto the front but I couldn’t find them anywhere at my craft store.

And there you have it, I fun little gift to hand out to your child’s friends at school. Or to use on a dessert table for Christmas.  Have fun!

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