Good Deed Card


I recently spotted this adorable idea over on a wonderful blog called eighteen25, a Good Deed Card!  What a fabulous idea!  Reminds me when I was in high school and had my smoothie card.  Every time I went I made sure to get it punched so I could get that free smoothie.  Amazing how a little card and a simple punch made you so happy.  The ladies at eighteen25 put this same idea into a card for your little ones.  Every good deed, you get a punch or a stamp.  Once you get to 13, you get a treat….whatever that may be between you and your little one.  A trip to the movies, a new toy, miniture golf, etc.  All I have to say is genius!  Thanks ladies!  Nothing like a little bribery.

And to make it better the ladies have a free download so you can use these cards right away with your kids.  To get your cards, download cards here.


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