A Modern Nursery


I recently ran across a super cute and adorable blog called live the fancy life.  Jessica is behind this super cute blog and she just welcomed a baby boy into her world.  Before the little guy arrived her and her husband (and family) worked very hard to create a nursery with a modern, clean and minimal design with neutral walls and lots of splashes of color throughout. 

The bookshelf is one of my favorite aspects of the nursery and happens to be one of Jessica’s too.  Not only is it filled with 52 books, yes 52, it was built and painted by one of her co-workers!  Some of my favorite books fill the shelves too.  Dr. Seuss! 

They designed the modern nursery with a color palette of grey, lime green, light blue, aqua and white. They wanted a room that was peaceful and serene, but that was still good for a child. They wanted to fill it with inspiration, color and interest but keep it simple and clean at the same time.

Jessica spent several hours putting the lanterns together, finding just the right height, balance and number of lanterns.  It’s another one of my favorite touches she added to her little guys nursery. 

And this little zebra is just too cute!  I love him! 

Jessica has a lot more photo’s of her modern nursery and where she found all the adorable things in this fabulous nursery.  So run over and see.  And Jessica, I hope your little guys loves his nursery now that he has arrived into this world.

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