Bunk in Style


Pictured Above

Growing up I always wanted bunk beds.  Something so cool about them…at least I thought they were cool.  Of course my parents didn’t think they were so cool.  I was an only child so I didn’t have a brother or sister to fight the battle with them to get bunk beds either.  But still to this day I think they are so cool.  And so fun!  Especially some of these I found along the web.

Above Picture

You have the traditional bunk beds and you have the not so traditional.  I think of Aladdin when I see these.  What do you think?  Morocco? 

Picture Above

But there there’s nothing wrong about the traditional bunk beds.  Like these…

Pictured Above

And one of my favorite ideas for bunk beds that also function as storage but also is a space saver. Love these!!

Pictured Above

What do you think?  Which is your favorite bunk bed room?

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