Recycled Crayons


If you have little ones in your house you probably have crayons.  And maybe lots of them?  In my house we do not lack in the crayon department.  My girls have inherited my love of coloring.  Actually one of the girls could sit all day coloring and be 100% satisfied.  We keep all the crayons in one big bag which makes it easier for those little hands to reach in and grab the color of choice.  I also just gave up trying to fit them all neatly back into their boxes so in the bag is a lot easier.  But with that comes crayons that don’t look like they are fresh out of the box.  When I look into the bag I see a lot of…

Broken crayons….and lots of them.  As I was cleaning up this weekend it broke my heart to even think about throwing these broken crayons away.  So instead I decided to have some fun and recycle these broken and used crayons and make new crayons.  Ok, not completely new crayons but in my little ones eyes they were pretty cool and new.

First I cut the crayons up in small pieces.  Just a note when cutting these up, use a cutting board you don’t mind recycling after using.  I learned this the hard way because I was too excited about the project and just started chopping away.  Can you see the crayon crumbs embedded in the cutting board?  Very hard to get out.

While your chopping the crayons up preheat your oven to 170 degrees.  Then take a muffin tin.  Again, I recommend using a older pan that you don’t mind messing up.  Then just start having fun in grouping the colors together.  I placed oranges and yellows together and greens and yellows together.  It amazes me how the littlest things like putting colors in a muffin tin can be so fun.  Did I tell you I went to art school?  Well, that might explain why things like this excite me.  After all my favorite class my freshmen year of college was color theory.  Ok, back to these crayons.  Just place the colors in each muffin tin and get creative.  If your kids are older this would be fun for them too. 

After placing the chopped crayons pieces into the muffin tins place it in the oven and let the crayons completely melt down.  It took mine about an hour.  Try to be patient as these melt down.  I probably shouldn’t talk because I was the one looking through the glass every 20 minutes wondering if they were ready yet.

After they have completely melted down let them cool down.  If you have room in your freezer to squeeze the pan in you could speed up the cooling process this way.  After cooling, turn the pan over and pat on the bottoms of the cups.  They should come out.  Some of mine didn’t want to come out and that’s because they weren’t completely cooled as the others.  So let them cool completely and this will help them come out of the pan.

And when your done you have new fun crayons for your little ones to get their hands on and have a whole bunch of fun with.  I know I had one set of hands that couldn’t even wait for me to finish taking pictures of the crayons because she wanted to color with them so badly.

Have fun everyone and give those broken crayons you have around your house another life.  I promise the kids will love them.

Adapted from Martha Stewart

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3 Responses to “Recycled Crayons”
  1. 1
    Jessica says:

    I have thrown away so many little broken crayon pieces. What a great idea :)

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    I did this for my 2 yr old class at church. I had about 100 broken crayons. They didn’t know what to do when I gave them them the melted crayons. I had a lot of fun melting them also. Thanks for the idea!


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