It’s Fall!!  Which means PUMPKINS are making their entrance to your local markets!  YAY!  One of my favorite times of the year.

Pumpkins are apart of the Winter Squash family and originated in the Americas.  Squashes are one of the oldest known crops, dating back 10,000 years by some estimates based on seeds found in sites in Mexico. Pre-Columbian Indians in both South and North America later made the seeds and flesh a dietary staple. Surprisingly nutritious, these superfoods are a great addition to a Paleo diet, especially in the dead of winter when few other vegetables are in season. They’re a good source of vitamins A and C and the B vitamins, plus potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. And the wide variety of squashes and preparation methods—you can steam, boil, mash, purée, roast, bake, or stuff them—ensures you’ll never get bored.

Now here are some of the Pumpkin recipes I have posted here on the blog:


Recipes of Images Listed Above:

Maple Pumpkin Spiced Pecans

Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Pumpkin Spiced Doughnuts

Pumpkin Paleo Muffins (using almond flour)

Pumpkin Pecan Pie Bars

Pumpkin Spiced Cookies

Pumpkin Spiced Paleo “Oatmeal”

Spiced Pumpkin Butter

Paleo Pumpkin Streusel Muffins (using coconut flour)


I have also started a Paleo Pumpkin Board on Pinterest so head over there to see more recipes from some of my favorite Paleo/Primal bloggers.

Now when shopping for pumpkins here is what you need to keep in mind:

This bright orange fall staple works well in baking (hence its popularity in pie), but the mellow, dense, sweet flesh is also delicious in savory dishes. Choose pumpkins that weigh about two to five pounds.  Avoid any that have soft spots or areas that are water-soaked or moldy. Many varieties have a long storage life—kept at room temperature away from direct light.

And don’t throw away the seeds! Roasted and lightly seasoned, most winter squash seeds (not just pumpkin) make a great snack. Rinse the seeds and pat them dry. Then toss them with a one tablespoon of Paleo-friendly fat, like coconut oil, sprinkle with a smidge of salt, and roast in a 275F oven for 15 minutes, or until tender.

Happy Pumpkin Season!!



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