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  1. Sheri says:

    How can I order your Paleo recipe book???

  2. Joanne Penney says:

    Please can you tell me how I can get your book


  3. Joanne Penney says:

    Meant to say buy your book in the UK !

  4. MDelicious says:

    Hello Joanne! Paleo Recipes Every Day is an e-cookbook that you can download to your computer, ipad, or iphone so you can purchase that now and be set. I also have hard copy cookbooks under different titles, Paleo Sweets and Treats and the newest due out in May, Powerful Paleo Superfoods and that will be on shelves on May 1st. Both of those can be purchased in several outlets and in the UK – Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and QBookshop. I hope this helps! Cheers!

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