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Paleo Every Day 


Inside “Paleo Recipes for Every Day”, I’ll show you that you can get in your kitchen and create yummy meals for each meal of the day… all while keeping your Paleo journey on track.


Paleo Sweets and Treats: Seasonally Inspired Desserts that Let You Have Your Cake and Your Paleo Lifestyle, Too



The cookbook shows you how to make delicious treats using fresh, seasonal produce, natural sweeteners, and nutritionally dense, grain-free flours all while keeping readers on their Paleo course. The first part of the book details my story and journey with paleo which I contribute to changing my life and my families. I will also walk the reader through stocking you Paleo Baking Pantry and why I encourage using seasonal ingredients in your cooking and baking.

And stay tune I have been working on another exciting book that is due out in May 2014 called Powerful Paleo Superfoods which is already available on Amazon for pre-order






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