I’m Heather – a wife, a mom, a food blogger, and a lover of Paleo cooking.  However, a few years ago this is not how I cooked.  You see, I grew up in the South with two amazing ladies in my life, my mom and grandmother who both loved to be in the kitchen.  I remember as a child standing on a chair beside them watching them create their latest meal and sometimes helping along the way.  Our family was all about coming together around a table sharing a meal for every holiday and celebration in our lives.  Though my grandmother and mom had a love for cooking I never adopted this love and passion until I got married and realized I had to feed another person.  As scary as that was I dove in face first and that meant reading lots of cookbooks and watching many cooking shows.  Along the way and after many disasters I got better in the kitchen and my love of cooking grew deeper and deeper.  Instead of taking the route of the Southern fried foods I grew up with, I took a more healthy approach (or so I thought) on the cooking side.  But I still incorporated grains, dairy (low-fat of course), and other ingredients my mom and grandmother taught me to use.  I thought this direction was the right one but my world was going to suddenly change and I was going to be faced with challenge I was unfamiliar with.

A little over a year after the birth of my twin daughters I was experiencing stomach pains, fatigue, and many other health problems that left me feeling horrible.  After 5 to 6 months of monthly doctor’s visits to continually monitor suspicious findings that were going on in my body I became frustrated and tired, even more than I already was.  The doctor finally said it was either go on medication to hopefully help these “things” go away or I would be faced with surgery.  Becoming more frustrated and very scared, I decided to put an end to these “feelings” and research the “whys”.  I soon found out that many of the issues were coming from my very own kitchen and all the foods I loved and the foods that I thought were right.  I began to remove culprits from my diet and gradually started to feel better but it wasn’t until stumbling across this new thing called Paleo that I started to feel fantastic.  All those health problems that once ailed me disappeared within 30 to 40 days and it was almost like I could see more clearly.  A beautiful thing when you felt so foggy for so long.  I was like a new person!  And I had a second chance!

As much as I loved this new feeling I was having, my kitchen became foreign to me.  The things I used to love to eat were now forbidden.  In ways, it was like learning to cook all over again.  I got in the kitchen and embraced my new lifestyle.  The beautiful thing is my twin daughters were by my side for this journey.  We soon found ourselves creating delicious meals while using only seasonal whole foods and using local grass-fed and pastured proteins.  Not only was I teaching myself, but I was teaching my daughters about whole real foods and taking care of our health.  We would visit the local markets and pick up the seasonal produce to take home and use in the kitchen.  We learned how to cook in this new way together.  Such an amazing and beautiful thing!  Paleo has changed my life in more than one way, but it has also changed my family.  Again, it’s like what has happened has giving me a second chance.  Throughout this journey I shared everything with my readers on my blog,, from recipes to the reasons behind my new lifestyle.  Because of my readers and the questions I received behind the scenes in emails I knew I wanted to learn more so I could help others out there.  I received my Holistic Nutritionist certification in hopes that I could share my knowledge and help others in their journey towards better health.  I find it amazing that what we put in our body can really heal you in more ways than one.  It did for me!  And I promise, it’s not hard.

As Paleo eaters, we can still have the foods that make our hearts smile and our stomachs dance with delight.  It can all be done in a Paleo kitchen too. This is why I have written this book, in hopes to help you embrace your Paleo kitchen without getting bored with your meals along the way.  The main recipes included in the book will give you not only one recipe but an additional one or two recipe to either change it up or an option to change it up in the leftovers.  It should all be about getting in your new Paleo kitchen and creating and having fun doing it.



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  1. Chelsie says:

    Hi Heather! This is your long lost college roommate, but I assure you, I’m not being bias when I say, I am so happy that I found your blog. It is fantastic! I shared your link with my sister, who has 4-year-old triplets.

    I am trying to plan my gift giving for the holidays and want to send homemade gifts. Do you have any ideas for baked goods that ship well? Or perhaps homemade mixes (pancakes mix, muffin mix, etc.) My sister is completely organic with the trips and I think they would appreciate healthy homemade goodies!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. Hi Chels!
    So glad you stopped by and it’s funny you asked about holiday ideas because I’m currently working on some ideas. I was planning on starting to post a few in the coming weeks. Just finishing up some testing on the recipes. I think I have some things that will be perfect for you and your sisters triplets.
    Miss you!

  3. Dhale says:

    I love your blog! I also started my culinary adventures when I was responsible for another person’s sustenance – my boyfriend’s! We moved in together almost a year ago and that’s when I began my kitchen experiments. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to following your blog :)

  4. Natalie says:

    Hi sis!!! I’m just amazed by this blog and can truly relate to your comments above. Seth and I aren’t newly weds, but close to it and I still have NO INTEREST in cooking!!!! I’m hoping you’ll be able to provide me some words of wisdom. If you can get me to love cookin’ you’ll work a miracle!!!

  5. Lijy says:

    Hi Heather!

    I actually had the divine pleasure of having a few of your DELICIOUS miniature cupcake candies. I tasted the oreo and red velvet flavors and they are simply TO DIE FOR!!!!!
    I learned about your delicous sweets actually from a friend of yours Karyn. She had them at an event she was hosting this past weekend.
    I am officially hooked! I was wondering if you could provide me your pricing for a box of the oreo flavor and red velvet flavors. These are too delicious to keep to my self.
    You are very talented and many thanks to you for sharing a bit of wonderful with all of us!!!

  6. Debbie says:

    Hi! I love the new look of your site…. But where are all the recipes for your cakies!!!?? I love them and I’m so sad that only the carrot cakie recipe is here!! Please post them or email me!!! They are Sooo delicious!!! :)) thank you!!

  7. Lauren says:

    Hey Heather! My husband just got me your new sweets and treats cookbook. Can’t wait to make some yummy snacks for us!!! Do you mind telling me what school or program you used to get your certification? I’m really interested in pursuing nutrition and yes going back to school :)

    Thanks for all you do,

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