Today’s giveaway is for a copy of the new cookbook from Paleo Magazine.  The Paleo Magazine Reader’s Favorite Cookbook is a collection of over 50 of the most popular recipes from past issues of Paleo Magazine and the best recipes submitted by actual readers. Each delicious recipe is accompanied by at least one mouth-watering, full-color photo and is sure to become a staple in any grain-free home.

With recipes such as Pumpkin Scramble, Spiced Maple Pecans, Bison Sliders, Scotch Eggs, Cranberry Orange Macadamia Scones, Grilled Skirt Steak, Nut Free Granola and Pumpkin Cakes with Pecan Praline, there’s plenty of options to get readers excited about getting into the kitchen.  There is even one of my recipes!  Inside you will find my recipe for Moroccan Meatballs with Citrus-Glazed Carrots.


Even more than the recipes, what makes this book so special are the stories. The front of the book is filled with a collage of images and stories from those individuals and families who’s recipes are included, creating a powerful sense of community and a strong bond between the reader and the food.

It’s a beautiful book filled with delicious recipes!  It would make the perfect gift for the holiday season.  You can find The Paleo Magazine Reader’s Favorite Cookbook on Amazon.

ONE lucky reader will have a chance to win a copy!!  So a little pre-holiday gift for yourself…

Leave a comment telling me a short version of why you started down the paleo path.  I would love to hear your stories….

You have until Friday, December 6th at midnight to enter for a chance to win.  I will pick a winner at random and announce the winner of the cookbook (and the other giveaways winners) on Monday.  Just in case you missed the other giveaways…

Win a Positively Paleo Treat Pack from Sweet Pea Bakery

Win a signed copy of my new cookbook Paleo Sweets and Treats – giving 2 away!!


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56 Responses to Giveaway: Paleo Magazine Reader’s Favorite Cookbook: Favorite Paleo, Primal and Grain-Free Recipes

  1. Sarah says:

    I started eating Paleo because even though years of “healthy” eating, I still had digestive issues. I still couldn’t track down some of the the issues (even with a doctors help) so I tired Paleo and it’s been great!

  2. Courtney says:

    This looks so helpful for helping me continue to navigate with paleo choices! I’ve made some recipes here and there and would love to continue :) It feels good to eat real, clean, unprocessed foods! That’s what got me heading down the paleo path :)

  3. Dawn OConnor says:

    I started the paleo way after I had done the Fast Metabolism Diet. I found my body is just not tolerant to grains and found paleo to be more the lifestyle I want to live .

  4. Linda Choules says:

    I Love Paleo!

  5. Sara Hammond says:

    Hello – I like many others originally started down the paleo path when my crossfit gym hosted a paleo challenge last January. At that time my goals were superficial- look better and perform better- and with that mindset I didn’t see as great of results as I had hoped. However over the past year my mindset has changed and I can honestly say paleo is not a “diet” like it was in January 2013 but has become my LIFESTYLE. Paleo nutrition has become not just my way of eating but a passion, and I am reaping the endless benefits of this – better management of my hashimotos, increased energy, mood swings are no longer existent, and my body is leaner and more powerful than I’ve ever been despite a life of fitness including most recently 18 months of dedicated crossfit training. I am healthy and happy and am so thankful for my personal paleo template.

  6. Paula Burrough says:

    My mother had cancerous tumour and was given 6 months to live. She decided to take therapy into her own hands and she is now cancer free. The tumour is gone. She removed processed foods and meat from her diet. She ate organic foods and juiced regularly throughout the day. We shared recipes with each other and I jumped on the ban wagon. I started a Facebook page called Paula’s Raw Zone to share with my community what I was doing. They all had so many questions. Now I am trying to educate my community on their health through a FB group. We offer free talks and paid workshops for participants to attend. I am loving changing lives.

  7. Cathleen says:

    I stumbled across PaleOMG and it changed my life. I read practically her whole archive. I am sticking with the Paleo diet because it is improving my UC.

    Would love to have this book!
    Also, I stumbled across you site and visit almost every day! You do a great job.

  8. Dawn Claessens says:

    My husband wanted to try to change his diet to get his blood levels up to a healthy level rather than using medicines. Once we made the change, felt better and saw a dramatic improvement in our kids behaviors, we were hooked and haven’t looked back since. I love your recipes and enjoy cooking for the first time ever.

  9. I started because I had tried SO many other options to lose weight and feel better and nothing was working. I stumbled across It Starts With Food on Amazon and read about 50 reviews and jumped in feet first! Never looked back :)

  10. Angela A says:

    I learned about Paleo through CrossFit but didn’t start until we had kids. I want my children to have a healthier diet and greater appreciation for real food than I did growing up.

  11. Kristen says:

    I began exploring paleo as an answer to my child’s digestive issues.

  12. it made me feel better and lighter and more energetic!

  13. Amanda says:

    After almost 2 years of being prodded and poked and pricked I was finally diagnosed with acute early onset rheumatoid arthritis. I got so tired of all the different chemicals that I was being given that I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided (no alternatives were suggested by the medical profession other than chemical drugs) to cut gluten and lactose from my diet as RA is an autoimmune disease and start eating healthier. Saying that I already considered my diet to be healthy but after finding a wonderful blog themerrymakersisters I became very excited and have started down the paleo path. My RA is now the most stable it has been (though I do need to take one chemical drug every week otherwise I would not be able to move) but I do believe the changes I have made have been a factor in my general wellbeing. I have either a green or paleo fruit smoothie every day and processed sugar is almost completely gone now

  14. Barb says:

    My husband listen to The Survival Podcast. The host Jack is paleo and will talk about it sometime. Jack had Robb Wolf on for a whole episode and my husband had me listen. I just made sense. We ordered The Paleo Solution and we will never go back to our old way of eating.

  15. Judy says:

    I am always trying different ways of eating. I’m not completely paleo, but it’s probably the style of eating I’ve stuck with the longest.

  16. Shana says:

    I started Paleo almost 1 year ago after having my 2nd child in hopes of getting healthy and losing some weight. My oldest is allergic to dairy so this just works for us. I couldn’t be happier and tell everyone about Paleo!

  17. Kelly says:

    I have lost over 20lbs eating a Paleo diet. I agree with what everyone else was saying. It is not a diet but a life style. I would still like to lose 30 more lbs and still struggle with lunch so I would love to win this to help give me some more ideas.

  18. Kathy S. says:

    I started eating paleo as a way to maintain a recent weight loss. Little did I know that maintaining my weight was just a side benefit to finally giving my body the food/fuel it really needed to get healthy!

  19. Lauren says:

    I found paleo while adopting a cleaner eating lifestyle to address my chronic migraines, much improved than I’ve ever been.

  20. Jackie Gonzales says:

    I just figured out one day that grains and dairy didn’t agree with me…and I love it!!!!! Feeling great and eating yummy food? Double win!

  21. Petra says:

    I started because there was a plaeo challege at my crossfit gym. I never thought I wasn’t feeling/performing well, but I immediately felt so much better on paleo! I never looked back!

  22. Chris S. says:

    I started Paleo because my husband did and i came along kicking and screaming. I originally said I would try it for 30 days In August 2013. I was doing Crossfit as well for 30 days. Within a week of Paleo all my adult acne was gone…hmm. By the end of the month, I had lost 18 lbs and decided I would try another 30 days. Then this PCOS girl had a real cycle. Fast forward to today: I have lost 47 lbs., I have had 3 regular cycles (which are unheard of for me) and I feel terrific. I have continued with Crossfit as well and while I don’t “love” Crossfit, I sure do enjoy the results. I have a goal to loose an additional 40 lbs and so I really appreciate all the new found recipes and ingrediets that I cook with now. I would love to win another cookbook for my aresenal!

  23. Christine says:

    I am a nurse and work on a cardiology unit in a hospital. I see every day what a S.A.D. and inactivity does to the human body, and that is why I’m transitioning to paleo.

  24. Liz Overton says:

    I started on my Paleo journey to help with issues with hormone imbalances and insomnia and to feel healthier!

  25. jody estabrook says:

    I started cause I was tired of being SICK and Tired all the time. I was way obese and on too many meds. Diabeties, and high cholesterol. Doc gave me the go to come of diabeties meds cause A1C is normal now but she wanted to stay on statin and niacin cause LDL is 160 but I came off of it anyway. Im in it for the long haul now. Not to mention, I have lost almost 60 lbs!

  26. MJ says:

    I started down the Paleo path because I’d already gone gluten-free (gluten intolerance or possible celiac) and dairy-free (lactose intolerance) and was looking to further reduce my digestive issues and improve my athletic performance.

  27. Jules says:

    I found Paleo through crossfit and although that did not last long, Paleo made a huge difference and is still part of my life. I discovered I was lactosse intollerant and had issues with gluten. Since going Paleo, my insomni has disappeared and I have gone off three medications. It is a life saver for me.

  28. Christina says:

    Hi Heather! I started Paleo during a challenge with my CrossFit gym about 3 years ago. Initially, I did it for the competition and the weight loss…winning most improved baseline and dropping about 15 pounds in a month (and a ton of inches!). I strayed from being strict Paleo after that first six week challenge and noticed how awful I felt. This launched me into a journey to find out more about my health and wellness…and I eventually discovered that I have an autoimmune condition and various other complications relating to my thyroid. I feel as if I was destined to find the Paleo lifestyle because it’s been a blessing to eat strict/clean for the past year and know that I’m healing my body without medication! Through this process I’ve been sharing recipes with friends and family, started an online Paleo baking business, and feel healthier than I’ve been my entire life!

  29. Danielle says:

    I started down the paleo path as a pre-wedding thing on the recommendation of a friend.

    I *stayed* on the admittedly wandering path not only because of the weight loss, but the other benefits – no heart burn! bye bye migraines! Plus, it’s tasty. I never was a fan of most grains/pasta/bread/etc anyway…

  30. april says:

    I started following as a way to lose weight, but I am now motivated by how good it makes me feel. The typical low-fat, high carb plans did not work for me, I was always frustrated and struggling with my weight. As soon as I started paleo it worked for my body…lost weight, slept well, good energy level.

  31. Sasha says:

    I’d love to say I started down the paleo path due to a desire to eat healthier/cleaner/wholesome foods….but mine is a story of requirement 😉 I was diagnosed with leaky gut about 12 months ago and I’ve been paleo ever since…and have never felt better in my entire life! Now I’ll tell anyone who will listen to 86 the gluten, diet drinks, and processed foods. They usually thank me about 2 months in 😉

  32. Suzanne says:

    After 2 years and several tests to try and figure out what was wrong with my stomach I went off wheat, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and potatoes. It helped for awhile but then I found the Paleo diet and I’ve been doing so much better. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs, and besides the stomach pain being gone, my blood sugars are so good it’s like I never had Type II diabetes. This is my first Christmas and New Years, I’ve been trying out recipes to substitute for our traditional dishes, I still have a lot to learn, but it will all work out.

  33. Daphne says:

    I dieted heaps in my early 20s and lost 35kgs. I found that unsustainable and started gaining weight in my mid-late twenties. I was looking for a lifestyle change not a fad diet. Paleo helped with my digestive issues and maintain healthy weight and strength. Fast forward, I became pregnant, popped out a healthy baby boy but gained 27kg. Being back on paleo, I have lost 22kgs already and feeling great! I need all the energy for a newborn and I truly believe paleo/ good nutrition helped.

  34. nina says:

    I had been following a GF and dairy-free diet and although I felt better and most of my symptoms had disappeared, there were still times that i felt ill if i had eaten a lot of grains and beans. When I discovered the Paleo diet, it immediately made more sense given what I was experiencing with different foods like grains and beans.

  35. Sara B says:

    I started seeing a nutritionist for food sensitivity testing to hopefully find the cause of my pseriasis. The nutritionist did not suggest a paleo diet but did post a few paleo recipes on her blog. That is where I first heard about paleo, then learned more on my own, and then realized I could save myself the cost of testing and office visits and go down the paleo road to healing.

  36. I started paleo because I was cross fitting and I just liked how I felt when I ate that way. I would say I am about 80/20 but I definitely notice a difference when I stray too far!

  37. Michelle P says:

    I was having GI troubles like bloating, and stomach pain and also wanted to improve my overall health.

  38. Anita says:

    My kids, husband and I all have at least one allergy/immune issue (food allergy, asthma, eczema, hayfever, autoimmune). I really wanted to find a way to stop the medicines we were taking and really fix what was going on with our health. Started out eating gluten free which led me to learn about paleo and make both diet and lifestyle changes. More than a year later and our health is improving so much. It takes a lot of work to be healthy, but it’s worth it!

  39. Joke says:

    I started a few weeks ago and i found this site after searching recipes to make. I ‘ m a beginner and can use the magazine. I hope that i ‘ m the lucky one.
    Regards from the netherlands

  40. Kathy says:

    Hi. Thanks for the giveaway. I started eating Paleo about a year and a half ago. After I hit my late 30s, I began to put on weight every year. I also suffered from IBS for years and years with little reprieve. I had gone mostly wheat free because I thought it was only wheat that was the problem. Then I noticed how a lady I knew and her family had lost lots of weight. She suggested I go on a low-carb, high protein and fat diet. She told me to read Mark’s Daily Apple. I was sceptical, thinking it was another fad diet but when I read his website and saw all the science behind it, I decided to try it out. The first week was serious carb flu but I already noticed my swollen ankles go down. A year and a half later, I’m still doing Paleo about 80% of the time. I don’t have IBS unless under major stress or eat gluten which I’ve now cut out totally – what’s the point? I’m down to a weight and size I’m happy with and I feel so much healthier. I enjoy the food and don’t need to eat so much to be full. I do sometimes cheat on potatoes, a bit of white rice and gluten-free snacks. I also do the primal way i.e. still eat dairy but full-fat and mostly fermented. It is hard to follow Paleo on a limited budget especially in South Africa where Paleo foods aren’t readily available. But things are changing here and more people are moving onto Paleo. I still feel a little bit like an oddity though. To help people out, I just say I’m gluten free. Even then I get a sigh and eye roll. Shops are beginning to wake up too, but slowly.

  41. Sara says:

    I actually haven’t started down the Paleo path yet, because I’ve kind of been overwhelmed at where to start. I think this cookbook would really help guide me and start me on the right path! Thank you for the opportunity to try to win a copy! :)

  42. Christina W says:

    I am actually very new to this Paleo diet. I was very hesitant at first but slowly after reading a ton and hearing stories – I started to realize I was going through symptoms that I always shrugged off (gas, bloating, pain etc). I actually follow a low fodmap diet but its very similar to what the paleo diet is and can almost go hand in hand. I am always on the look out for new recipes and techniques since I love food and love to cook!

  43. Jenna says:

    I started on my paleo journey after being diagnosed with celiac, going GF for a year and still feeling awful. My paleo journey has been great. I am always trying new recipes and would love this cookbook, thanks for asking.

  44. Jenny says:

    I have wanted to try Paleo since reading that it has help with autoimmune diseases. I have not made the jump yet but am eager to learn more and begin.

  45. Janyce Hill says:

    I was a strict Paleo follower a couple of years ago, and fell “off the wagon”. I felt so much better then, no joint pain, high energy, better sleep, less weight. After thinking I could just count calories and exercise – and be okay – I’ve gained weight, and have all of my old problems back.

    I’m returning to the Paleo fold as my renewed promise to get myself in the best condition of my life – in order to be able to hike across Europe this coming summer.

  46. Christine says:

    My natureopath introduced me to the paleo diet. I thought it sounded ridiculous at first. I gave it a try and have never felt better. It makes perfect sense.

  47. Alicia says:

    A health scare and recurring kidney stones got me looking at a paleo lifestyle as I needed something anti inflammatory and easily digestible. I am still in pain but it is more of a liveable pain adjusting to paleo approved foods, thanks for the chance ! :)

  48. Karen Koehle says:

    I would love to win the magazine! About a year and a half ago, I found a weight-loss program that finally worked for me, and it involved going grain-free and gluten-free for a period of time.
    I was so impressed with the results (32 pounds) that I didn’t want to “screw myself up” again and re-gain all that weight that I worked so hard to get rid of, AND I wanted to stay away from unhealthy fats and processed foods as much as possible. I have been investigating the Paleo lifestyle ever since. I still have a crazy sweet tooth at times, but I don’t care if I ever eat another sandwich. so many things I thought were “healthy”, like low-fat, whole-grain, canola oil – I have found out are the wrong things to eat to be healthy! I feel like a three-headed monster, though, with friends and some family members sometimes. I get the eye-rolls and “you don’t eat enough” comments, but I’m never going back to my old ways of eating. Bottom line is I FEEL so much better now – it’s not just about the weight loss anymore.

  49. chris says:

    I read It Starts with Food and decided a few months of Paleo was worth trying if I could really heal my psoriasis. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Been Paleo 10 months, never felt better. And yes, my psoriasis has cleared up!

  50. Doruk says:

    I do not have a diagnosed autoimmune disorder. But I know something is wrong because I am so tired, so fatigue, so dull. I had to give a break to my career that I had reached after years of hard work. I have seen countless of doctors. Now I decided to take charge of my healing process. This is how I met paleo diet. I am at the very beginning though.

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