I was over the moon when Stacy and Matt, also known as Paleo Parents, asked if they could send me an advanced copy of their new cookbook Beyond Bacon-Paleo Recipes That Respect The Whole Hog. And I was even more excited when Beyond Bacon arrived on my door step.  I ripped into the box and was left speechless at the beautiful book that I held in my hands.  Beautiful from front to back and in every way!  Stacy and Matt walk you through all that you need to know in this book.  It’s not just a cookbook, it’s a guide to respecting the whole hog, which is really important to Paleo and following a lifestyle similar to those of our ancestors. Also inside, they tell the story of a ranch that does it right, and what “right” means. They tell you about the different breeds of pigs you might come across. How to find and afford pastured pork. They tell you why pigs raised correctly are healthy, and why pigs that are not raised correctly are not (which many of us I think still don’t know why this knowledge is so important to have).  They show you what a cut sheet looks like and how to navigate it, so if you do decide to order a large part of the animal, you’ll know what to expect and can go into it like you know what your doing.  And then there is the photography! The book features the breathtaking food photography of Aimee Buxton – which you wouldn’t believe, but this was her first venture into food photography. Amazing! Truly amazing!


While Beyond Bacon is indeed full of so much beauty from content to picture, but my favorite of course are the recipes!  So many!  And so many recipes that I can’t wait to dive into and try!  Of course the hardest part is trying to figure out which I will try first.  I mean how could you not want to try all of these at one time!  I mean yummy….


Stacy, Matt, and Aimee….amazing job!  A truly beautiful book! I applaud you on this amazing book.  Your hard work and determination shines on every page.

For those of you who haven’t purchased this book already, I simply ask…what in the heck are you waiting for?  Honestly this is a must have for your Paleo Kitchen Cookbook collection!  You won’t be disappointed, but you will be drooling as you flip through the mouthwatering pages.



Now time for the fun part….the giveaway!

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51 Responses to Book Review: Beyond Bacon-Paleo Recipes That Respect The Whole Hog….and giveaway!

  1. Looks amazing!! I would love this book because I want to learn how to cook with all of the pieces of the hog :) And from what I’ve seen the photos are just stunning!

  2. samantha says:

    i’m following you on facebook! this year i am starting to feel like i can actually still enjoy cooking AND cook paleo, so that’s why i’d love the book! (And i need to learn why buying organic, pastured meat is important)

  3. renata says:

    I already like you on FB. Would love to win this book because I’m always looking for new and inspiring recipes. Btw, everything tastes better with bacon :)

  4. Rachael says:

    I follow you on all the social media outlets!

  5. Erin says:

    Hey Heather! I signed up for the newsletter and I already follow you on a few other social media outlets…. :) I would love this book because I eat bacon almost everyday…. and since we just bought a house with an awesome kitchen, I can’t wait to store bacon fat and use it in everything. I made a pork belly from Windy Hill a few months ago and it was OK for my first try, but I want some more insight into respecting that part of the pig, too!

    And maybe we can find a way to use the pig at the next WOD. ;D

  6. stephanie r says:

    I signed up for your newsletter… Thanks for the great giveaway

  7. I follow you and Paleo Parents and I’m so happy I do! :) The excerpts I’ve seen from this book are amazing, and I absolutely want it for myself!!!

  8. Lisa P says:

    I get your newsletter and follow you on facebook. I would love to win this because I don’t really have any good pork recipes and would like to try some.

  9. Michellepb says:

    I’m so happy to have found (and now follow/like) you on Facebook!…I’ll look forward to seeing your Facebook updates!
    I would love this cookbook..primarily because I have had an interest in “going Paleo” for quite some time now…but was at a loss as to where to find recipes..or get ideas for family friendly, Paleo recipes and meals…
    Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!
    (Love your blog , by the way)

  10. baschwar says:

    Facebook, twitter and pinterest follows… thankyou!

  11. Jen says:

    I follow you through Facebook and Instagram! I would love this book in my collection as I am looking for new ways to cook and eat Paleo.

  12. Melissa says:

    Liked you on FB! Can’t believe I haven’t before. :) I would so love this book in my collection. I work at a library and we have a copy and I just….it was amazing! Such a beautiful book.

  13. Kathleen says:

    I receive your email and follow you on FB and Pinterest. I really want this book b/c it would make a great addition to my Paleo library!

  14. Angela T says:

    I follow you via email, facebook & some of your pinterest boards. I would love this cookbook because they put step by step instructions how to render Lard, and it is a beautiful book to boot! Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. Sharon says:

    I follow on Facebook and Pinterest. Would love to get my hands on a copy of this book!

  16. LuAnne says:

    I started following you on Pinterest. I would love to have a copy of this cookbook as I feel like I’m in a cooking “rut” and I’d like to expand my horizons.

  17. Anais says:

    I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest. :) Thanks for all the good info!

  18. Mel says:

    I follow you on facebook – I’ve heard so many awesome things about this cookbook!

  19. Jen says:

    Hi there!! Love the blog! I follow you on facebook, twitter, and pinterest!

  20. Melissa Harmon says:

    I get your newsletter & follow on Facebook. I would love to win this book because the recipes look delicious!

  21. Sheri says:

    I receive your newsletter. This book looks fantastic.

  22. Shaunna says:

    I follow by email! I would love this book….so would my hubby

  23. Jenn says:

    I follow Facebook! this looks AWESOME and as we continue with Paleo I’d love to get my hands on some new great recipes!

  24. Nic says:

    Signed up for your newsletter and follow you on facebook. I would love this book as I have been hearing great reviews on it. Interested in the recipes AND the all the education included!

  25. Mary A says:

    I follow you by email, and it is so frustrating to have to check my junk email folder so often to find you ( Boo, Hiss, MSN)

  26. Marla says:

    I follow you by newsletter and facebook! I would love to win this book! Often my favorite thing about a cookbook is the pictures!

  27. Megan says:

    I followed several of your boards on pinterest! I already receive email upsates. I would love this cookbook because I don’t prepare many pork recipes besides those that use bacon! I love looking at new Paleo recipes.

  28. debbie says:

    ok I pinned it,liked on facebook! would love the book! I follow them on the podcast so I know how hard and long she has been working on it. Congrats to her

  29. Lori says:

    Newsletter followed. Looks like an inspiring book! My belly is rumbling just looking at the pictures!

  30. Tara Burch says:

    I signed up for your newsletter–I already liked you on FB. :-) Thanks!

  31. Jennifer says:

    Followed on facebook.
    I want this book because:
    I used to be vegetarian and need meat recipes
    I am new to paleo.
    I now raise and slaughter pigs and need to know how to use the whole thing.

  32. Jessica Smyth says:

    Hello! I signed up via facebook. I would love to win this book, I just started myself and my family on the Paleo journey, and I LOVE it! I am honestly addicted to paleo books. I’ve eyeing this one up for a while. :-)

  33. Desi says:

    I signed up for your newsletter! If I don’t win I’m still definitely buying this book!

  34. Brenda Sargeant says:

    I signed up for all 4! Excited to find your site….I’m still relatively new to Paleo and am cooking, cooking, cooking. Heard great things about this book & would love to own it :)


  35. Rachel says:

    I liked your page on facebook. I would love to win this book because I am making the transition to Paleo and do not have any real food cook books yet!

  36. Andra says:

    I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest!

  37. Analia says:

    Following you on FB and I would love a copy as I’m learning to cook pale and meat (formerly a vegetarian). I can’t wait!!!

  38. Marii J. says:

    Following You on Facebook now :) Would be awesome to have this cookbook at home – the photography seems amazing! (And. Hush. Don’t tell anyone – It would be my very first Paleo cookbook ever!) My recipes are mostly simple sally – would be nice to get more creative!

  39. K says:

    I liked you on Facebook. My son has autoimmune diseases and we are attempting to help him heal with whole foods … that still taste delish.

  40. Laurie Cox says:

    I am following you on Facebook. I just started my paleo journey and need all the help I can get…..from you and paleoparents!

  41. Sarah says:

    I follow you on facebook! I would love to win because my husband loves pork and I would love to learn some new recipes other than pork chops…. and the dessert recipes look delicious!!!

  42. beth says:

    I hope I win!

  43. Elizabeth A says:

    I follow you on facebook and signed up for the newsletter. I just started the Paleo lifestyle since January 2013. The results not only physical but mentally have been beyond expectation. The past two months I have been told by several people of what an inspiration I am to them, and I help them through the transition into the Paleo lifestyle. I would love to win this book to have more delicious reciepes to share with my friends & family as I help getting them on the right track :)

  44. Ashlee Garcia says:

    I have been you on facebook. I was recently diagnosed with Hassimotos, an auto immune disease. I have been doing a lot of research on auto immune diseases lately. I have found out that eating healthy is a major contributor to fighting this condition. I have been researching and experimenting with different diets and have found that Paleo has served me best. This book would be a great addition to my current Paleo recipes.

  45. Tracy says:

    I follow you on Facebook and now will subscribe to your newsletter! I would LOVE this book because I am just getting the hang of Paleo. I gave up wheat and sugar and lost 17 pounds in a short time and it helped my chronic fatigue symptoms greatly. Paleo is the best fit for the way I want and need to eat! Thanks!

  46. JessicaD says:

    I would love this book for my husband and I. We are looking to buy pork in bulk and get a freezer. I follow on Pinterest! Love your recipes!

  47. Erin B says:

    Follow you on twitter and facebook… I’ve heard tell there’s a fantastic pie crust in this here book… :)

  48. Cathleen Pierce says:

    I follow you on facebook and come to your page often. I love, love, love Multiply delicious! I am really interested in this cookbook 1) because I love pork and 2) I have only a few recipes for pork that I like. I would love to learn new ways to cook different parts of the pig.
    I am also signing up for you newsletter.

  49. Marlene says:

    I have just liked you on Facebook. First time I’ve seen your blog :)

  50. Claire Carlton says:

    I’m following your page on facebook!

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