Hello my Paleo friends.  IT’S HERE!! I am so excited to share a project with you that I’ve been working on for the past few months. You’ve probably seen me mention it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but now it’s here, for real.

I’m thrilled to share with you Paleo Recipes for Every Day, 70 Recipes for your Paleo Lifestyle, my first ebook combining my favorite recipes and a guide for anyone ready to start, and continue, their Paleo journey.

For me, that journey started two years ago.

It all started after a long road of discouraging health issues where my doctors were left with question marks as to what was going on in my body. Frustrated, I turned to the idea of changing my diet.  A little over a month of following the principles of Paleo and all those “things” the doctors couldn’t diagnose disappeared!  Thanks to my health success, I will forever be PALEO, believing that real food is not only what your body needs BUT what it craves.

The idea behind this e-cookbook came to me many months ago after receiving emails and questions from many of you out there, my readers.  You were asking everything from “what are your favorite go to recipes” to even questions surrounding “what is paleo?” Putting all of this into one easy to download e-cookbook came to me and here we are today.  YAY!! The goal with this e-cookbook, as is the blog, is to help you on your Paleo journey.  That’s really why I blog, to help YOU!  I want you to see just how easy it is to cook delicious whole foods all while having fun doing it!  Within ““Paleo Recipes for Every Day”, you will find some of my favorite recipes inside, some of the recipes you have loved, and brand new recipes you’ve never seen on the blog before.  Exciting stuff!  Also, you will find the in’s and out’s of Paleo which will help those that are just starting to those of you continuing your journey.

Here are just a few sneak peeks of the recipes inside

Inside “Paleo Recipes for Every Day”, I’ll show you how to get into your kitchen and create yummy dishes for each meal of the day… all while keeping your Paleo journey on track.

Get started in exploring the many ways you can cook delicious easy Paleo meals in your kitchen!


Simply press on ADD TO CART and it’s as easy as that!

And to make things easy, I also have a free download available that I like to call the Paleo Cheat Sheet.  Store this close to you to know what’s Paleo and what’s not when you are walking the aisles of your grocery store or out for a meal.

Thanks to you, my amazing readers, who have been so supportive and encouraging!  I could not have made this e-cookbook possible without you all!

And stay tune for more details on the other cookbook project I have been working on coming out later this year!

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23 Responses to Paleo Recipes for Every Day, 70 Recipes for your Paleo Lifestyle

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  2. Heather I’m so excited for you to share your amazing passion for Paleo with your readers. All in one place! Congrats on all your hard work putting it together, you were a dream client to work with!

  3. Congratulations, Heather! This sounds like a wonderful resource for not only those following a Paleo lifestyle, but also for people who just love good recipes.

  4. So exciting, Heather!! Congratulations and I can’t wait to dive into this!

  5. Amy says:

    Just bought it, looks great!

    I’d just like to ask for one little bonus… please please please make shopping lists! So many of us are so busy that COOKING is one thing, but sitting down to plan a week ahead and go thru the recipes over & over to create a shopping list is the straw that kills the camel’s lazy unhealthy-eating back!

  6. MDelicious says:

    Hi Amy! I have something planned for the near future that hopefully will be your dream come true on the grocery list. :)

  7. Sam says:

    Hi, I tried to purchase your e-book, but I am getting an error message that “the seller is unable to receive money”. Anyone else having that issue?

  8. MDelicious says:

    Hi Sam,
    I just went in and checked and everything looks ok. Sorry about that but if you want to try it again on your end and let me know I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :)

  9. Jenn Baker says:


    So happy and proud of you! Congrats on the release of your cookbook. It’s beautiful.

    Love ya,

    Jenn B.

  10. Kat says:

    I just bought your book and I don’t know if I’m missing something but there are less than 30 recipes in it and it is advertised as having 70. Am I missing pages?

  11. MDelicious says:


    Each recipe has two additional recipes at the bottom. One is another way to change the recipe up. Then there is a way to change up the leftovers in a totally different way to create another meal (in case you are someone that gets tired of the same thing like my husband). Also, you will find links throughout the book that will take you to other recipes from my blog. So actually there is more than 70. :)

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  13. PURCHASED! So excited to make these yummy recipes from a fellow Crossfitter and Charlotte resident!

  14. Laurie B. says:

    I am so excited for your cookbook! I just purchased it and can’t wait to start cooking away! Congratulations on such an exciting project! THANK YOU for creating this and for all the yummy meals that my family will enjoy from this book! I am SUPER excited about the Banana Chocolate Cookie Granola. I have made your Apple Pie Granola several times now and everyone in my family fights over it. I am sure this one will also be a big hit! :)

  15. MDelicious says:

    Hi Lauren!
    I’m so happy you found me and I found you! Your photography is AMAZING! Thanks for the warm welcome too! I always love finding fellow Crossfitters as well! :)

  16. […] Delicious Paleo Apple Pie “Oatmeal” (similar recipe here) from her new e-cookbook (Paleo Recipes for Every Day) Lunch: Chili leftovers Dinner: Meatballs with marinara and […]

  17. Lili A. says:

    I’m always looking for new recipe ideas to not get stuck with a repetitively boring weekly menu. I’m especially excited to try the granola!

  18. Emily Northup says:

    I am so looking forward to some delicious paleo recipes! They all look amazing!

  19. Michelle says:

    Hi! I want to download your e-book but there is no link to buy it as an e-book, only a regular book. Help please! Thanks!!

  20. MDelicious says:


    The ebook is only available as a ebook so the link should take you to buy it as that. The book is not available as a real book so you shouldn’t have e option to buy it that way. Thanks!

  21. Elisa says:


    You’ve done a great book with your photography, it’s layout and contents. Love how you have the extra tips at the bottom of your recipes. So excited to try them, though I doubt they will look as good as yours.

    Once again, beautiful book. Been in the design field for over 23 years… well [email protected]


  22. amanda says:

    Is there a hard back copy?

  23. MDelicious says:

    Hi Amanda,
    No this book is only available as an e-cookbook. Sorry! I do have other hard copy cookbooks available if you go to the top and look under cookbooks. :)

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