Happy 2013 everyone!  Sorry I have been missing in action for most of last month but between the cookbook and the holidays I was swamped.  It doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on recipes so stay tuned for those coming soon.

I send everything over to the publisher for the cookbook on Friday!  Yikes!  I’m excited to send it over and to be completed with everything.  My kitchen has been a mess the past month as I tested, photographed, and baked/cooked.  I’m hoping you will love it once it’s out on bookshelves in October sometime.  I will keep you posted on the specifics as soon as I know.  But the good news, coming later this month the release of the e-cookbook which is exciting news too.  A lot going on!

Another thing, I have officially decided to take on the Whole30 journey!  I have never done it but definetely need it after all the recipe testing I did in the past month.  I need to get refocused!  I am hoping to post my meals along my Whole3o journey on Instagram and my Facebook page.  So if you don’t follow me on Instagram already go and search multiplydelicious and you should find me.  And follow me on my Facebook page.

Now for the Top Recipes from the blog in 2012.  Drum roll please….

1.) Garlic Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin – Whole30 approved

2.) Slow Cooker Chicken Vegetable Soup – Whole30 approved

3.) Apple Spiced Chips – Whole30 approved

4.) Sausage and Egg Sandwich – Whole30 approved

5.) Carrot Zucchini Spiced Muffins

6.) Pumpkin Spiced Donuts

7.) Bison Meatballs – Whole30 approved

8.) Roasted Brussel Sprout, Bacon, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash – Whole30 approved

9.) Brussel Sprout, Kale, and Bacon Salad – Whole30 approved

10.) Dark Chocolate Fruit Hearts

11.) Banana Spice Coffee Cake

12.) Sweet Potato and Kale Chicken Patties – Whole30 approved

So there you have it the Top 12 recipes of 2012.  And since I’m on the Whole30 journey, and many of you might be as well, I put which recipes above are Whole30 approved.  And just for the fun of it….here are some of my favorite recipes from 2012.

1.) Moroccan Spiced Rubbed Salmon – Whole30 approved

2.) Skillet Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Spinach Hash

3.) Fall Harvest Mash – Whole30 approved

4.) Apple Pie Paleo Granola

5.) Roasted Fall Harvest – Whole30 approved

6.) Paleo Veggie Beef Chili – Whole30 approved

What was your favorite Paleo recipe of 2012?  Leave your comments below and let me and the other readers know.

Happy 2013 everyone!  Thank you all for making 2012 wonderful….now let’s work together to make 2013 fabulous!



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3 Responses to Top Recipes of 2012

  1. Juliet says:

    The Fall Harvest Mash is definitely one of my favorite recipes of all time!

  2. kari says:

    I made your paleo chili for my parents and we loved it. I have all the ingredients in my fridge so I can make it again.

  3. This all looks so dang good! I am definitely going to try the Moroccan Salmon, that looks amazing.

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