I have many readers that reach out to me behind the scenes on ideas on how to plan a weekly paleo meal.  Everything from the “how” to the “where do I start” to “what should I shop for”. In the beginning Paleo is very scary and daunting.  It was for me!  When I started I basically had to relearn how to eat and what to eat.  What, no bread?  No dairy?  Even though those where horrible things to face I dove in anyways.  I read so much paleo information and researched so many different Paleo blogs I start to dream about Paleo (true story).  We are all super busy these days so making things easy and straightforward are all something we crave.  Especially when it comes to Paleo because let’s face it in the beginning or in a busy week it’s not the easiest to plan your meals ahead.  You basically want a list or details on how and what you should eat.  With all that being said, I’m super excited to share with you a program from eMeals that is completely catered to us Paleo folks.  eMeals recently reached out to me about their new Paleo eMeals plan and I was very excited by what they were doing.  After it all it’s making it easy for all of us!  You know why?  Each weekly plan they are providing these things for you:

Their new plan is Paleo Made Possible, providing seven dinner recipes and shopping list every week.  The recipes are simple and family-friendly, based on the guidelines of the Paleo diet, so you can create Paleo dinners to please the entire family each night of the week, and have more for leftovers hopefully for the day after.

All really cool, right?  So how do you get started you ask?  It’s simple…

Now for the best part!  If you use the code PALEO you will get a 10% off discount!  So head over to eMeals and go over to the Paleo page and explore more.  You will find a sample meal plan with recipes to show you exactly what you might be getting if you sign up.  The picture above is actually from one of the sample recipes, Pork Tenderloin with Peach Salsa and Peppery Slaw.  Yum!

Go check out eMeals and see what it is all about.  My only hope is that it makes your busy Paleo life a little easier!  After all, I love you guys!  And remember to use the code PALEO, for a 10% discount!

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