Last week I mentioned to all of you that I was lucky to score tickets to the Charlotte Know Your Farms Tour.  A big thank you to Edible Charlotte for picking my name!  Our Saturday got off to a rocky start getting lost to our first farm but I guess that’s what happens when you are new to the area.  We quickly recovered when we found our 2nd farm, Popular Ridge Farm.  Talk about a beautiful farm!  Popular Ridge is a certified organic farm who produces not only amazing seasonal produce but the most beautiful wild flowers.  Not only did I pick up some of their produce but also got a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers and herbs.  Their farm was beautiful!  The people were super nice too!

Walking the flower and produce garden was fun to me but I think the best for everyone in the family was a trip to the horse stable.  Here we met some of the friendliest horses, my favorite being Barclay.  A sweet gentle horse who I warmed up to quite quickly.  Horses are such amazing creatures.

We were said to leave the farm but knew our journey must continue to the next farm on our list to explore.  Before leaving I was able to score eggs, fresh heirloom tomatoes, sweet potatoes, flowers, and the best bag of mixed greens I have ever tasted!

On our next stop was New Town Farms.  As soon as we walked on-site we got the privilege to walk side by side the owner and hear all about the farm from his mouth.  One of the highlights (there were many) was the chance to get their hands dirty and dig up their very own potatoes!  We brought 4 potatoes home and they are now gone!  Nothing like a fresh potato straight from the ground.

Not only did we get to pick potatoes we got to see watermelon and eggplant!

Did I mention New Town Farm was also a certified organic farm?  If not, they are!  Another beautiful farm and I can’t even begin to tell you how nice they were.  Nothing like walking around half the farm with the farmer too!  After walking the organic produce fields we came upon the girls favorite….the chickens!

The girls even got to hold a baby chick.  Again, a highlight in their eyes.  New Town Farm also had pigs which were pretty funny…and smelly in one of my daughters eyes.  They had baby piglets so even though it “smelled” they stood for several minutes talking to the baby pigs through the fence.  The mommy pigs didn’t like that too much though!

I have more pictures, but hopefully you can tell from the ones above how much fun we had on the tour.  If you are in the Charlotte area I highly recommend it!  And don’t worry if you missed it this time because there will be another tour this coming Spring!  Count me in!  Again, a big thank you goes out to Kat at Edible Charlotte for making this all possible!

Before I head off here is one more picture.  Nothing like a good foot race on the farm….

No recipe today folks, but don’t worry I hope to be back later in the week to share something I whipped up in the kitchen.



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  1. Mary says:

    Looks like a wonderful day! I have been in North Georgia now for a few months (I’m from the Boca area) and I am so happy that seasonal, organic and grass fed are so much easier to come by here. My move out of Florida has been the best thing we ever did.

  2. What beautiful photos! I wish we had beautiful farms like that around here!

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