Ok, today is the moving day….yes, I am blogging on the moving day!  I must really love all of you guys out there!  I do, but also I’m blogging because our moving company is late!  Grrrrr!!  I hope this is not a sign of what is to come.  I woke up early excited for the busy day ahead, packed up some last minute things, took the girls to their last day of summer camp, and dropped the dog off for his bath and hair cut.  All was good until the window of 8-10am that the movers gave us came and went.  Now they are saying noon!  What!!??  Why is it they always seem to be their own schedule and not the ones of the people that are paying them!  If you could aonly see the steam coming out of my ears.  We have until 5pm to get out of our house and get one the road to make the trip to our new home several miles and hours away.  Ugh!  Not going to stress…not going to stress…not going to stress!  With that motto in my head, I plugged in the already packed  up computer to get one more blog and recipe up on the blog.  My way of de-stressing I like to think.

Ok, so these muffins I made with some leftovers around the kitchen.  I had ripe banana’s and frozen wild blueberries in the freezer so I made these for our car ride to snack on.  No sweetener folks all sweetened by the bananas and the blueberries.  Yum!  So here you have it….muffins!  Enjoy and I’ll try to get back on the blog next week.  Wish us luck on our adventures of moving!!!  I’m hoping these moving people behave themselves or I’ll be posting next week on who you should never use to move you!  Ha! 

Enjoy the muffins!

Banana Blueberry Paleo Muffins

3/4 cup ripe banana (about 1 and 1/2 ripe bananas)

2 teaspoon vanilla extract

4 eggs

1/2 cup coconut flour

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

1/2 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen – I used frozen organic wild blueberries)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Line a 12-cup muffin pan with paper liners or grease with coconut oil.

Add to a medium bowl bananas, vanilla extract, and eggs and using a hand mixer mix the ingredients together. 

In a small bowl whisk together dry ingredients (coconut flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt). 

Add dry ingredients to the banana mixture and using hand mixer combine until well incorporated.  Then add melted coconut oil and mix again until combine.  Gentle stir in blueberries making sure not to break them up (mush) too much in the batter.

Scoop the batter evenly among paper liners (I got about 11 muffins).  If you want you can sprinkle to tops with additional cinnamon. 

Place muffin pan in preheated oven and bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until tops are golden brown.  You can also use a toothpick to make sure the center is cooked.

Great once cooled but even yummier the next day.  If not eaten right away I suggest keeping them in the refrigerator and heating up when ready to consume.  That way they last a little longer.

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36 Responses to Banana Blueberry Paleo Muffins

  1. Caroline says:

    Made these today. Delicious! My toddler loves them, too. Thanks!

  2. MDelicious says:

    Hi Caroline!

    So happy you enjoyed them! :)

  3. Veronica says:

    These were good. For a change this week I switched the flour to almond and added chopped pecans instead of blueberries. Came out great. And my toddler as well LOVES them.

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  5. Melissa says:

    Made these (again!) today, but I changed it up a bit… I did half almond flour and half coconut flour, and added in a tbsp of honey (removed a tbsp of coconut oil) and they were EVEN BETTER, if that’s even possible. I’ve made several of your recipes… loving everything, thank-you!!

  6. MDelicious says:

    Awesome Melissa! Love hear readers revisions! Sounds delicious too! Just might have to try your ideas next time. :)

  7. Miranda says:

    Can someone help me? This is my firt paleo recipe and it was a disaster!! The batter was the consistency of watered down apple sauce. Could it have been that I used almond flour? It seemed like it could have used another cup of flour…is 1/2 cup the accurate measurement? Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks! (Ps. They still
    smelled amazing!!!!)

  8. MDelicious says:

    Hi Miranda,
    I sent you an email but I wanted to follow up with a comment here in case others come back. Almond flour is not the same as coconut flour. Coconut flour is dense….a lot goes a long way. You don’t need as much coconut flour as you would almond flour. I tend to bake muffins using coconut flour because I personally like the texture better. Also, I try to keep my nut intake as minimal as possible. It just works for me to do that. I know some have allergies to coconut flour so if you use almond flour when baking it usually is, every 1/4 coconut flour you should 1 cup almond flour.
    Let us know if you try the recipe again using almond flour.

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  10. jimmy says:

    These rock. Did them once with Almond flour & just pulled a cc flour only batch from the oven. 2 questions:
    1. You say ‘I try to keep my nut intake as minimal as possible.’ Why?
    2. You say to refrigerate to keep longer. In your experience, how long has a batch kept in the fridge?


  11. MDelicious says:

    Hey Jimmy!

    Happy to hear these were a winner for you.
    So nuts…I suggest that nut consumption be limited or moderated because of the high levels of omega-6 fat many of them contain. They also contain phytic acid. Here is a great article by Chris Kresser which is a good read: http://chriskresser.com/another-reason-you-shouldnt-go-nuts-on-nuts
    And for the fridge and the muffins, I would say they would stay fresh up to 5 days.

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  13. Shoneski says:

    I tried these today and they were delicious little treats! I wasn’t convinced that they would be sweet enough because my bananas weren’t the ripest but whilst baking, the blueberries burst and spread the sweet juice through the muffin. Yummy!

  14. Samantha Harris says:

    Can’t wait to try these!!! I have truly missed my loved blueberry muffins since I started eating Paleo! Hoping to win the cookbook and expand my horizons of the Paleo lifestyle!!

  15. Ashley says:

    Can’t wait to try these muffins! Perfect for a little treat or in the morning.

  16. Anjuli says:

    These look delish. Will be making them for the kids today. Just had one Q about frozen blueberries…do you defrost the blueberries? Or use them frozen? Thx

  17. MDelicious says:

    Hi Anjuli,
    You can just use frozen blueberries (or fresh) and no need to defrost the blueberries. :)

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  19. Kristin says:

    Hello! First I wanted to say I’ve tried several of your recipes and I love them! I’m new to coconut flour. I used it in the shrimp patties you have and it was wonderful. This is my first time baking with it. Is the batter more like cookie batter consistency not runny like cake batter? Mine was and they turned out good but I just wanted to check.

  20. MDelicious says:

    Hi Kristin,
    Your batter will be a little thicker than what you might expect compared to baking before going Paleo. However, it shouldn’t be crazy thick because that will result in dry muffins and we don’t want that do we. Coconut Flour soaks up a lot of liquid and will take a little testing around when it comes to baking especially depending on the brand of coconut flour. I prefer coconut flour And keep in mind, if the batter is too dry you can add a little coconut milk or even another egg.

  21. Stacey says:

    First time I made these, they were good, but a tiny bit dry. Just made them and added an extra egg plus about 2TBSP of applesauce – came out amazing!

  22. Adrienne says:

    Could you substitute applesauce for the banana? My kiddos are allergic to bananas.

  23. MDelicious says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    Sure you could try applesauce or even canned pumpkin. I would recommend adding in some maple syrup or honey though because the bananas help to sweeten the muffins and without them the muffins may not be too “sweet”.

  24. Bethany Lowe says:

    I just made these and they are DELISH! I didn’t have enough banana, so I made up for it by adding 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce and 1/2 cup of almond milk. Thanks so much….my GI specialist has me on a strict diet, and this is a treat! I just had some for dinner :-)

  25. kATHY says:

    Just made these and they are great! I was making similar muffins using Pamela’s Baking Mix, but these are healthier…yet! Just Coconut Flour (no rice flour) more eggs for protien, lots of good coconut oil…yes. Will be making these again and again! And I don’t have to add sweetener…yeah!

  26. Lexy says:

    I had just one banana on hand and they did turn out yummy. Added a maple syrup glaze from your Cinnamon Blueberry Muffin recipe and sprinkled with cocnut crystals. Love!

  27. Kristie says:

    Hi there,
    I really want to make these muffins but all I have is arrowroot? Could I substitute for coconut flour or no? If not I will wait:/

  28. MDelicious says:

    Arrowroot would not be the best alternative for this recipe Kristie. I would recommend holding off until you might have coconut flour on-hand. :)

  29. Jenny says:

    Just made these and while they smell and look good, just wanted to make sure that these will not rise? They look like the same as when I packed them in the paper cups.

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  31. Tash says:

    I made these for my very picky 4 year old son and he loved them! I used frozen blueberries and they worked just fine. They are so good that my husband and I can’t stop eating them either :) I can’t wait to expand on the base recipe by replacing the blueberries with nuts, other fruits, or maybe chocolate chips.

  32. Anya says:

    These muffins turned out amazing! Thank you

  33. madi says:

    made these yesterday afternoon and halved the recipe because I only had one overripe banana i needed to put to use, and they were a hit!! i added a little less than a tablespoon of honey and subtracted a little less than a tablespoon of coconut oil, and they were absolutely delicious!! i only put them in the oven for 25 minutes and they were just a taddddd over done so just be careful with the timing. but can’t wait to make these again!

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  35. Meredith says:

    I made these this morning, and they are fantastic! It is my first week of a Paleo diet and this was a great way to get started!

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