Back with one more sweet treat for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.  These bite size hearts are the perfect treat.  Who needs those boxes of chocolate candies when you can have fruit dipped in dark chocolate shaped as a adorable heart?  Who says a Paleo treat can’t be yummy!?

Warning: Little people love them, I couldn’t get my little ones to stop eating these.  They prefered them even with no chocolate.  everything tastes better when it’s cut into a fun shape.  And don’t worry the big kids love them just the same.

Make these for the ones you love….of even make them for yourself.  And most of all enjoy!!

Happy Valentine’s Day…a little early.  Next week I’ll be heading to NYC for work but I’ll try to bring you some more Paleo recipes while on the road.

Have a great weekend!

Dark Chocolate Fruit Hearts



1 bar of dark chocolateof choice (something 75% cacao and higher)

Small Heart Cookie Cutter, I used a 1/2 cutter from a kit from William Sonoma


Cut 1/4-inch slices of banana and using small heart cookie cutter cut heart shapes out of banana slice.  Once you have cut the hearts out place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

For strawberries, cut in half and using heart cookie cutter cut hearts out of strawberry slices.  Once you have cute out strawberries place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

While the fruit is in the freezer, melt chocolate in the microwave or double broiler.  Remove fruit from freezer and dip fruit hearts in chocolate using a fork.  Tap the side of the bowl to remove access chocolate and then place on wax paper.  Continue with the remaining fruit.

Note: I used one banana and about 4 or 5 strawberries and made about a 12-15 hearts.  You can find the mini heart cookie cutter in this set.

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9 Responses to Dark Chocolate Fruit Hearts

  1. Tesei says:

    OMG, what a great idea, simple, lovely and delicious!!!! Thank you Have a great week end :)

  2. very cute. love this idea!

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  4. Julia says:

    How did I not see these in time for Valentine’s Day?!?! These are the cutest things!

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