Happy Monday everyone!  This recipe has moved to the front of my posting line-up for the week because it’s a new favorite.  Yesterday morning I got in the kitchen and threw this together for my Sunday morning breakfast and after taking one bite I was so excited to not only keep on eating it but to also share with all you out there.  It’s my new food crush.  The recipe started after my first assessment and discussions with my trainer for my MVT Challenge at Crossfit Delray Beach.  We talked a lot but most of the focus was about what I currently ate and some things I needed to change.  I’m a routine type of girl.  I have been since I was kid.  I’m ok with having the same thing day after day.  However, AJ (my trainer) told me I need to start learning to switch it up more often.  Try different proteins and get more into my daily diet than I was currently taking in!  So thanks to him I did and this recipe was created.  Thanks AJ!  Some other things AJ told me to do was to eliminate nuts….gasp!  Nuts?  Really?  Yes, folks I’ve removed nuts.  So no more baking with almond flour for awhile!  I have to say in the three short days I have removed them from my diet I have already started to see a difference.  However, not having a scoop of almond butter every now and then will be heartbreaking!  Another weakness of mine is fruit, so AJ said only one serving a day and only in the morning.  Another gasp!  I guess a challenge wouldn’t be a challenge with some MAJOR personal challenges, right?  I have a few more things on my list that AJ gave me; like eat more protein, carb intake should come from veggies, and more sleep.   And many of these you will see in my post for my 2012 goals over on the random page.

Before jumping to the recipe I wanted to let you know tomorrow I will be sharing something for my Paleo readers and for my fellow MVT CrossFit challengers.  I’m working on a suggested Paleo Weekly Menu!!  Yay!  When I started down the Paleo road I was desperate for a direction in terms of how to plan my meals and what to eat!  So stay tune for tomorrow post.  I’m busy compiling recipes from my recipe index and from some of my favorite Paleo foodies.  And I’m super excited to share with you.  Remember, I’m not a Paleo expert by any means and every person may need more or less in their diet.  What I’m working on is only a suggestion and my goal is to hopefully help someone out there as they start down the road of a Paleo Lifestyle….which I happen to think ROCKS!

Now for the recipe….

Skillet Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Spinach Hash

2 small to medium sweet potatoes, peeled and diced (or one large)

1 apple, peeled cored and diced

2 tablespoon coconut oil, divided

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, optional

2 Mild Italian chicken sausages, removed from casing

2 to 3 large cups of baby spinach

1/3 cup sweet yellow onion, diced

salt and pepper to taste


In a large nonstick skillet heat 1 tablespoon coconut oil over medium-high heat.  Once heated, add diced sweet potatoes and apples.  Add a pinch or two of sea salt and cinnamon to the pan.  Cook sweet potatoes and apples until cooked and softened.  I prefer my sweet potatoes to be slightly browned.

While the sweet potatoes are cooking, heat a large skillet with 1 tablespoon coconut oil over medium heat.  Add to skillet the chicken (or pork) sausage and onion making sure to break the sausage up in small pieces while it cooks.  Once the chicken is no longer pink in color and completely cooked add spinach to the skillet.  Don’t worry the spinach will wilt down when cooked.  The spinach should wilt down within 1 to 2 minutes.  Once spinach is cooked add the sweet potato apple mixture to pan and stir to combine all.

Serve warm and with a side of choice.  I served with a side of fresh raspberries.

Makes about 3 to 4 servings depending on if you are serving as a side or main course.


Looking for another great Paleo Breakfast Hash recipe? Check out Urban Posers new recipe for Apple, Butternut Squash, Bacon Hash.  It’s on my list to try very soon! 

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55 Responses to Skillet Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Spinach Hash

  1. leslie says:

    I have been hearing so much about that diet..I suppose I should look into it!!! This looks delish!

  2. A says:

    Hi! I LOVE your blog and because of you I have gone paleo as well (prior I was grain and dairy free, but ate legumes occasionally). I am curious why your trainer said to take nuts out of your diet?
    Thanks so much for all the great recipes and info! Blessings!

  3. Tonia says:

    So why no nuts? I have just started eating Paleo with the new year (so 10 days in) and I’ve been having nuts and fruit in the morning- just want to make sure there isn’t something I’m missing with the “rules” :)

  4. MDelicious says:

    Hi Tonia!
    So why no nuts? I guess my trainer is giving me this challenge because nuts are something I like and might eat more than I should. And limiting the fruit will also help with the sugar that the fruits have in them. Robb Wolf says in his book if your looking to lean down limit the fruit. I think that is the goal my trainer and I are looking for in my challenge. His focus for me was to really eat a variety of proteins and carbs mostly from veggies and all the good fats I want….except nuts. :) Since I’m already a Paleo girl I think my trainer wanted me to be challenged. :)
    But don’t worry keep having your nuts, but just remember not to over do it.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  5. MDelicious says:

    Oh wow! I hope by going Paleo you see the results and benefits it has. It has really changed my life.
    Like I told Tonia above, my trainer eliminated nuts from my diet because it was my weakness and ate them more than I probably should have. Especially when baking and using almond flour. So his challenge for me was to eliminate one of the things I considered my indulgent. I can have other good for you fats like avocado, coconut, olive oil, and my very favorite coconut butter.

    Keep me posted on your journey down the Paleo road and if you have any questions please let me know….I’ll try to help the best I can. :)

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  7. Nicole says:

    I make something similar (shredded sweet potato and sausage hash) but I top mine with a few poached eggs…PURE HEAVEN!

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  9. Natalie says:

    We actually had this for dinner tonight. Loved it!

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  11. margaret says:

    I am making this for lunch today. Thank you for a yummy recipe with all my favourite ingredients.

  12. Jules says:

    This was fantastic, thanks for the recipe!

  13. Mama_Z says:

    I’m thinking of making this with butternut squash rather than the sweet potato, only because I’m serving it for a family get together and I have a honkin’ big squash wanting me to use it for something. Hope it turns out well…the recipe sounds delicious!

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  15. angela says:

    just had to say a big thank you for this recipe! my husband and 3 year old also loved it as much as i did…the only problem is we ate it all and wanted more!!! will double it next time for sure!

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  17. Kelly says:

    Brought this to a very “non-paleo” church brunch this morning so I would have something I could eat. It was the first dish to go. (And I quadrupled the batch!). I would say it was a success. Thank you! I will be making this on the weekend for quick breakfasts during the school week!

  18. Kim says:

    Hi! Do you think kale would be a reasonable substitute for spinach in this recipe? Or would the flavor be a little weird?

  19. MDelicious says:

    Hi Kim,
    Spinach would be a great sub for the kale.

  20. Lisa says:

    WOWWWWW. This was amazing!! I think next time I’ll shred the sweet potato…but all in all, awesome dish! thanks!!

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  26. Megan says:

    This was budget-friendly, easy enough for a novice cook, and DELICIOUS! Thank you!

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  29. Phala says:

    I love this blog and all the recipes you have here.
    It is so rare to find both free and great resources like that.

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  35. Suzy says:

    Hello! I tried this recipe when I was looking for an alternative to a southwestern sweet potato hash and I was very pleased. My husband was skeptical but the first bite turned him into a fan. Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to making this again.

  36. Hadiya says:

    Is this not Whole30 approved? If so, why not?

  37. MDelicious says:

    Hi Hadiya,

    This would be ok to make on the Whole 30 as long as you choose a sausage without hidden sugars. Check the ingredients

  38. Hadiya says:

    Thanks for the quick response, and thank you for all the wonderful recipes on your site! I’m new to the Paleo world, literally 18 days into my 21 DSD and found your site via PaleOMG. I’m obsessed!!! My family (kids included) looks at my meals and are like wow! Once I’m dones with the sugar detox, my hubby and I are going to tackle Whole30. Great to have so many Whole30 meals to copy from you!

  39. jess says:

    I just made this tonight. YUM!!! Thanks for an amazing recipe!

  40. Jenny Bell says:

    I made this for brunch today. My husband, 6 year old son, and I LOVED IT! I served with a sunny side up egg over top. It was a hit!

    ps. my son asked if he could have it for lunch and dinner too!

  41. Olivia says:

    this was so tasty and good! loved it. definitely a new favorite recipe :-)

  42. Erica says:

    BEST WHOLE30 breakfast so far!!!! Amazing flavor, thanks!!!!!

  43. Erica says:

    BEST WHOLE30 breakfast so far!!!! Amazing flavor, thanks!

  44. Lauren says:

    Do you have any good spots to shop for paleo groceries besides Whole Foods? I live near Delray…

  45. MDelicious says:

    Hi Lauren,
    I recently moved from Delray. We miss it! Let’s see I would recommend the downtown Delray farmers market which I believe is open on Saturday mornings. I think Boca has a farmers market that is open on Saturdays and Thursday? They both have great vendors for grass-fed meats, organic produce, and eggs. All perfect for Paleo. :)

  46. Giap says:

    Awesome recipe, simple, easy and yummy

  47. Alexandra says:

    Made this today without the meat… and enjoyed it! But definitely adding the sausage next time, haha!

  48. Jennifer B says:

    This is a delicious dish. Made it for lunch and added leftover shredded pork and thew in a handful of snap peas. Next time I’ll try it with the sausage. Thanks!!!

  49. Danielle says:

    Amazing recipe! Will make this again.

  50. Darlyn says:

    Made this tonight, Loved it !! Definitely a Keeper ; ))

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